Friday, June 7, 2013

The Blogging Hiatus Has Ended

Hello blogworld friends...

I have been away for too long! You may not have noticed, but I sure have! I guess I've been really busy doing 100 other things, and forgot I even have a blog!
Well I have made a mid-year resolution to start writing much more often! There's a lot of stuff I could be talking to you about, but I guess it requires more work than I have had energy for recently. But I will do better!

First of all, I recently returned from a trip to Spokane, Washington, where I taught a class in a really beautiful quilt shop called The Top Stitch. It is owned and operated by my new friend Carrie Jarvis, who invited me to come and do a class after she attended another class I did in Spokane a year ago. We had a really good time together making the Casual Clutch pattern, and had a little lunch as well!

Here are some pictures I stole from Carrie's Facebook page of the event! (Thanks Carrie!)

 A fuzzy one of me holding up the pattern piece we are cutting out...

Some of the class busily sewing away...

 Christine with her new black and white purse! She went home and added a red 
button to it.

 Other adorable class attendees!!!

Everyone took home a really cute Casual Clutch they had made in the class! It was a lot of fun:) Didn't they all do great work?

This is a closeup of the clutch Dana (see below) made...isn't it adorable? Love the pop-out buttons in the centers of the flowers!

Then I got to stay and visit my dear friend Dana who lives in Spokane as well! I stayed for a whole week! She treated me to all kinds of fun art festival, Farm Chicks, and lots of fancy dinners and lunches out on the town!

Here's a picture of Dana and I and her daughter Jessica at quilt market this past May in Portland! (That's another event I have neglected to talk about!) But I digress...

She came because Portland is sorta close to Spokane...and cause we could play!!


This is Dana and her husband Dave. Aren't they a cute couple?? They made me feel really welcome and comfortable in their home while I stayed...and stayed...

Dave was very patient, although he did make a few jokes about the bad influence I was on his wife! Let's just say she didn't get a whole lot of work done while I was there, haha! 
But she did manage to make a delicious Italian dinner for her family on Sunday, complete with Lasagne and homemade ravioli! YUM!! (Wish I had a picture of that)

One thing I really enjoyed about Spokane was the beautiful park near Dana's home. It's called Manito Park, (I think) and it is just gorgeous! Here are some pictures I took of the park when I was walking one morning.

Its really green, and the flowers were just starting to really bloom nicely! I couldn't get enough of it!

So that's the latest news...and while I was uploading pictures for this post I saw a bunch of pictures I took at quilt market in May that I never posted about! What is WRONG with me?

So I promise to get back to that right away! (That resolution I made)

My newest fabric collection called Priscilla is on the shelves now, so this is the time to get some! Here's a little plug for Dana...she has an online fabric store:, where you can order my fabrics,
and her Facebook page too! You should definitely order some from her!!!

Check back on the 17th of June for my Fabric Fest Blog Hop post and giveaway!!

Thanks for visiting!


Mary Carole Dolce said...

Yay! I am so glad to see that you will be blogging more! It's actually one of my recent resolutions as well...being that I literally took a year (yes, YEAR) off without even realizing it. Life is busy...

Anyways, I just had to tell you that I am in LOVE with the new Priscilla collection!! It is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to start working with it. Yippee...Woohoo! :-) ~ Mary Carole

Teresa said...

You don't know how much I wish I could sew, Lila! I would definitely order your patterns and your beautiful fabric from Dana! My middle daughter, Megan is in an apparel design program and she CAN sew... I have recruited her to make me a bag from one of your patterns and fabric when she has time so I will be ordering next time she is on break!
It was so much fun to see you again when you were visiting Spokane... I loved having lunch with you, Dana, and Dawn. Showing you a little bit of Coeur d'Alene was fun, too.
Hope to see your beautiful face again soon. ~ Teresa

Anonymous said...


many greetings from Germany - i love your stuff - it is amazing! I wish my english would be better - that i can understand your Patterns... maybe someday :) go on like this!

love regards


dana said...

Ahhhh... thanks for the nice blog Lila! We loved having you here too. Next time, I'm coming to visit you in Utah and looking forward to hanging out with you, Hal and the kiddos. Thanks for the wonderful friendship and all the great things you have taught me and are teaching me!! Love all your fabric and you too!