Monday, February 4, 2013


Hello everyone!

I have recently been doing a little re-org with Chelsea of Pink Fig Patterns, who has been selling my patterns for me.
For quite a while we had this little deal going, but recently Chelsea has been doing a makeover in several areas of her life, which we all do now and again, or should! One of the things she decided to "let go" of is the selling of my patterns on her website. I am totally supportive of this change she is making, and am frankly surprised that she didn't do it before now!

I will be coming up with a new website for selling my patterns both retail and wholesale. Until that time, if you want to order patterns from me, please email me at:

We will work out everything that way until I have a new site up and running. Sorry for the confusion or inconvenience this may have already caused you!

In the meantime, I am doing a little

 Pattern Clearance Sale!
All of the patterns listed below are being sold for $2 each retail!! (plus shipping)
This sale is effective for the next 2 weeks or while supplies last!
Wholesale customers: please email me:
You can view these patterns on the right sidebar...just scroll down a bit!
The Funked Out Peasant Blouse
The Bohemian Bag 
The Snazzy Bag 
The Posie Bag 
The Sophisticate Skirt
The Athena/Calista Skirts
The Stella Skirt
The London Top/Dress tween sizes
The Abigail Dress/Top tween sizes
Day at the Park Jacket, Pants, Skirt and Cap (child)
The Lollipop-Lola Sundress, Hat and Shorts
The Halle Rose Baby Blanket
The Soire'e Quilt
The Orchard Basket Quilt
The Woodland Bloom Quilt
Pillow Pop Pillow Covers
The Natalie Bedding Set 

If you want to order please email me at!


Missy Shay said...

What does the sophistacate skirt look like and what is the shipping?

omair khan said...
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omair khan said...
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