Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back from Market with a Free Tutorial!

Hello Friends! 
It was a wonderful market for me this time around...in beautiful Kansas City Missouri! I did not do a booth, so I was free to wander around and visit lots of my dear friends in the fabric industry. Even though I did not do an exhibit, Riley Blake was wonderful about giving me lots of display space in their booth. Here are a few little pictures of what I had there on display...

 This above is our new Raincoat pattern for girls! (tweens)

My fabric collection on display is called Bohemian Festival, and there are two new patterns associated with this collection. The first is the little tween raincoat you see above, in sizes 8-14 for girls called "Chasing Rainbows."
The other is the adorable little "Pack Pack" backpack for kids you can see in the laminated fabric, hanging on the post. Here's another view of that.


As you can see there is a laminated cotton/ quilting cotton version and a denim version that would work great for little boys. 

Both of these patterns will be available very shortly at your local quilt shops, or you can order them directly through me. Just send us an email: golightlystudio@gmail.com OR

The fabric will be on the shelves in June! That's practically here...(!!)

As I promised in the title of this post, I have decided to do a few little tutorials for you from my schoolhouse at market. Schoolhouse is a class that many people in the industry do for market attendees who want a little more up close and personal experience to find out what is new and exciting on the horizon. In my schoolhouse, I featured some ideas for classes that shop owners could do in their shops to interest their customers and get them doing fun and creative things. 
This is one of the ideas that I presented. I will continue to post these little tutorials in the next few weeks, focusing on a different project for each one.

 These I call the Wizard of Oz Jeans. I call them that because I looked at these when they were finished, and I decided that if the munchkins were going to wear jeans, this is what they would look like!

This project uses a technique I call:

Use an old or purchased pair of jeans to start.
That's it! If you want to see these directions up close, just click on the directions to go to a printable page.

You can make the size of your leaves to fit the size of the jeans you are working on. This is just one of several fun ideas I have coming up for you to try!

If you want to see more pictures from quilt market, go to my facebook page and look at the new album of pictures I have posted.

See you soon...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Free Trash Stashers Pattern!

Back again today with the pattern I promised!
If you visited the other day, you saw the little trash bags I created for your car (or whatever)...but the link was not active. But we are ready now...:)
If you want to make these easy-to-sew "Trash Stashers", simply click on the picture above to download the pattern!

New Free Pattern!

Hello friends...
Do any of you have kids that you haul around in your car? If you do, then you probably also have trash in your car. It's just inevitable. Unless you have highly trained children who never eat in your car, or who never bring their junk with them. Even if you don't have kids, I think it's safe to say that everybody probably could use one of these:

"It used to be that I would bring a plastic grocery bag out to the car to bag up the trash people would leave behind. (Never me, of course, just the other people I drive all over town in my car.) But one day I got this idea of a great way to utilize some of my laminated fabrics.

Now I have one in my car, my husband has one in his, and each of my driving children have one in their cars too. I've also given them to some of my neighbors, and my parents...just because I enjoy making them so much. They probably never have trashy cars like mine, but I still think every car needs one.

So I decided to make a little free pattern for anyone who is interested. I call these "Trash Stashers". Anyone can make these! Really."
It's not a difficult pattern, so if you are a beginner, this is a great pattern for you to try! Link for pg.1.....Link for Pg.2
These fabrics (shown above) are from my Bohemian Festival collection, coming out in June!(2012) I love the yummy colors, and the fun patterns in this collection, and I have been busy sewing like crazy with it! I've yet to take pictures of all the fun things I have made...but I'll get them up for you soon! The laminates are rich and colorful...so fun to work with!"

Check out the laminates for my new collection, Extravaganza! 
They would also make up really pretty Trash Stashers!

Thanks for checking in!
Enjoy the pattern!