Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hope You Had a Very Merry Christmas!

This was our card last year
Our slightly altered Christmas card

Forgive me for my long vacation from posting! I have been consumed by other, more pressing concerns in the last two or three weeks, and have not had the time or the energy to be more regular in my updates. I'm sure that you all know and understand about such things. Therefore, enough said!

 Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We, at the Tueller home, have had a great time!
I thought I would share a few pictures from our Christmas celebration.
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We had anticipated having all of our family here for Christmas but my one eldest son, who is living in Taiwan right now. He told us he simply could not make it: no possible way, absolutely could not make it happen. That was to be very sad for us all, as everyone else was coming, and he happens to be the life of the party...the tease, the comedian, etc. How boring for us to have him missing!

Then...just before Christmas, he just showed up! He walked silently into the house unannounced and completely unnoticed by anyone, went upstairs to my bedroom and scared the "pageebers" out of me by walking into my bathroom as I was getting ready for bed. I nearly did a knockout karate kick to his jaw before I realized it was him.

Here is Trent just minutes after scaring me out of my wits.
THAT was a good surprise!

Having all seven of my kids under my roof, along with my son-in-law and two little sweet Grandbabies has been so much fun! Our house feels much smaller... and the aftermath of Christmas paraphernalia has threatened to take over the world, but I couldn't be happier about it.

"Waiting on the Stairs"

Matthew reading to Lola from her new Christmas book


I only wish you could have been here to watch little Lola play with our Bernese Mountain Dog "Maggie". The dog is MUCH bigger than Lola is, but she has absolutely NO fear. They have become best friends! And just to hear her little 18 month old voice very sternly say "Maggie, SIT!" gives me more pleasure than I can express!
(I have to get a good picture of this...all of them have been blurry because there is so much movement between the dog and the baby, as you can imagine)

So the story here is magical and heavenly, even though there has been much too much chocolate, toffee, nut brittle, carmels, candies, eggnog, Martinelli's, hot cocoa, cheese balls, sauces, gravies, and other decadent goodies consumed constantly, and not enough sleep to be sure, I have zero complaints!
Examining the "Santa" gifts`

Halle, Abigail, and Natalie at our Tueller family Christmas party

I hope you have all experienced the joy of the season as I have, and that you will have a warm heart from it well into the new year!