Friday, November 18, 2011

Contest Winners!!

Hello Blogworld friends...It's time to announce the winners of my blog contest! I know you have been very patiently waiting, so let's get right to it!

But first...(heehee) check out the new video I did with Cindy Cloward of Riley Blake! This video is a little tutorial showing how to make the three projects found on my new panel for Fiona's Fancy. There is a panel for every colorway, and also in laminated cotton, so it's an easy and fun way to try out laminates if you haven't already. There is no pattern to buy, all of the instructions are right there on the panel.
Click on the picture above to be taken to the video!
You can purchase your own panels HERE.
This link takes you to, which is featuring my fabric line including the panels, and doing a coupon promotion right now...and all next week!
The panels were so popular that they sold out within a couple of days, but they are getting more in stock right now, so this is the time!

NOW...for the contest winners!!

You know what? No one ever told me how hard it was going to be to pick winners for this contest! It was torture! There were so many really great many that I totally resonated with and learned from, and felt inspired by! I am glad that there were not more entrants, because I don't think I could have read too many more without saying "I give up! These are just too good, and it's too hard to choose!"

Please know that I loved all of the comments. Every last one! They were adorable and precious, and funny and heartwarming, and I could go on and on!

The First Place winner of a Layer Cake and a Charm Pack from Fiona's Fancy is:

Blogger tpott said...

No-one ever told me, how much pain and happiness a parent could hold. Until I saw both pain and happiness in my parents eyes, as they took care of me and my 6yr old son, while I was going through cancer treatment. It was harder to see their pain, than anything I was going through. It's been 6yrs this month. I will never be able to express my love for them, if I live to be 100. I can only hope to be half the parent they've been to me. ;-> Toni Anne

The Grand Prize Winner
of a JellyRoll, a Fat Quarter Bundle from Fiona's Fancy is:
Blogger Briawna:

No one ever told me how draining every aspect of motherhood is, from pregnancy to birth to trying to recover some semblance of my body to functioning on no sleep to dealing with cranky kids to having no brain cells left to running so hard after my escaping toddler I almost pee my pants to the bone-crushing love i feel for these beautiful babies (i know, extreme run-on sentence). no one ever told me i'd love #2 and #3 just as much as #1. I'm glad no one told me, though, because i might have been hesitant to take on this adventure and i wouldn't trade this motherhood experience for anything.


Congratulations to the lucky winners! Please email me with your mailing addresses and I will get your prizes out to you ASAP!

I want to thank everyone who commented, your sage words of advice and reflection were wonderful, helpful, meaningful, and full of wisdom! I will continue to post the comments on my facebook page until they are all done. Check the facebook page regularly to see your comments! And remember to "like" my page...I need fans!

Thanks again to all of you!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finally...a few Quilt Market Pics!

So here we go...a week or two after market, I am finally up and running. It seriously took me this long to feel human again! There were many sleepless nights before and during the event, so when I came home I actually crashed for a while. Literally.
But I promised that I would bring home some pictures for you to see what market was like this time. I have just a little sampling here so you can get a feel for it.

First up: My little corner booth, which I did this time with Michelle Golightly, my partner in crime. That's Michelle there, with her back to the camera, helping a customer. The fabric collection we were featuring is called "Fiona's Fancy" (Riley Blake).

And this is Michelle. She lives across the street from me, and down a couple houses. Michelle is an amazing seamstress, among other things. In fact there are only a couple of things she can't do well that I know of: spell and draw. She had helped me through a couple of quilt markets, sewing samples and helping run the booth. Then I decided to put her to better use. When I was about to lose my sanity over all the things I was trying to do, I decided that I needed someone to take over the pattern design department of my business. I knew that she could do it. (I would of course need to do the drawings for her, and check her spelling...heehee)
So her very first pattern for me was the Deluxe Organizer pattern. And then for this market, she did three new ones: The Classy Cases, Casual Clutches, and Practical Pouches.

Now I still reserve the right to do a pattern myself if I ever get in the mood, but Michelle is going to be designing for me as well, as long as she can take it:)

And this above, is Michelle's daughter Mary. Mary was a major part of quilt market preparations this time, as she is SUPER smart, organized, and on the ball. We all know I lack in most of those categories, so thank goodness she was available and willing to help. Not to mention being 7 months pregnant!

This above is the London Peasant Top/Dress for Women, done in the orchid colorway of Fiona's Fancy. And below we have a sampling of the Cases and Clutches and Pouches Michelle designed and sewed for market.

These next two are shots someone took of us talking about our new stuff at a schoolhouse presented and sponsored by Riley Blake Designs.

Not the most flattering photos, but you can get the main idea.

Now lets move on to see some other designers booths.

This is the adorable elephant in Valorie Wells' booth. Elephants seemed to be the theme there.
Super cute!!

And this below is the amazing floor that Janine Morrison had in her booth...looked like a quilt, but it was vinyl flooring!

Janeen is always so clever with her use of fabric.

Next up is one of my faves...Tina Givens. She is always fun to talk to and makes me laugh every time I see her. Her booth is always a showstopper.

There was some really cool stuff happening on her floor as well!

This below is a quilt and sofa from Anna Maria Horner's booth.

She also has a collection of gorgeous ribbons, as you can see below.

You may recognize the next pic as Ty Pennington, formerly of Trading Spaces, and then of Extreme Home makeovers. He is now a fabric designer, and this is his second line for Free Spirit.

And these below are Ty's ties! Very cute...very clever, and I would actually love to dress my husband in these ties if he would let me. I love them!

Next up is the always fabulous Amy Butler. Her new fabric collection: Lark (I think).

And if having one very successful fabric designer in the family wasn't enough, Amy's husband David now has launched his very own collection. It's very manly, isn't it? Quite cool.

And last but not least, one of my good friends, Kay Whit of Serendipity Studio. Kay always has fresh new sewing patterns for women in her booth, as well as accessories clear to heaven. Nice booth Kay!

And last of all is me with my baby sister Lucy of Hot Scott patterns. I should not allow myself to pose next to her. She keeps me really humble!

All in all, quilt market was lots of fun, and lots of work, and lots of great things to see, people to meet, and friends to re-connect with! I always love going, and it is always over too soon for me:)

Now, I did promise to announce the winner of my contest check back on Tuesday for the winners! I am going to bed now:)

Hugs to everybody...