Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peasant Blouse Re-do, and a Contest!

In the beginning, there was the Peasant Blouse. One of my very favorite styles to wear. It was a top I had sewn for myself a couple of times, and even wore once to market before I was a fabric designer. It had Heather Bailey fabrics, Moda fabrics, and Amy Butler fabrics all mixed up in it. I got stopped all over at market by people wanting to know where I got the pattern for it. So...When I was asked to do a pattern (or four), that I could use my new cotton quilting fabrics in, The Funked Out Peasant Blouse was born. It was an instant hit, but it wasn't perfect. Over time, it has been through a few revisions, and now it needs (desperately) a new cover. The featured fabric collection on the original pattern cover was my first collection for Moda, called Woodland Bloom. Maybe you will remember it. Maybe not.

Point is that now it is virtually impossible to find any of that fabric, so it is time to put a new cover on the pattern.

I decided to use one of the shots from my latest photo shoot with Fiona's Fancy fabrics for the new cover. There were a few cute shots, but one that did it the best, I think. What do you think?

That's the new cover, above. I like it. It shows the different sleeve options, and how you can mix up the fabrics to get different looks. Some people have made it longer, to be a tunic, some even longer to be a dress. It works well for all of these ideas.
If you haven't made one yet, and you know how to do basic should!

Now. Moving right along...let's talk about that CONTEST!

Here's the deal: Leave a comment here, telling me about what "No one ever told you". It can be about anything. But it needs to be something about life that you have come to realize, but that no one ever told you about. (Or at least not that you can remember!)
I will take my favorites from the comments, and begin posting them on my Lila Tueller Designs Facebook page, one quote every day, until I run out of good ones. (If you leave me a really lame one, you might not ever see it!)
I will attribute the quotes to their respective authors on my page, so you may become famous! (or not)

Then I will choose my own personal favorites to win one of these lovely prizes:

First Place: wins a Layer Cake and a Charm Pack of Fiona's Fancy fabric as seen in this picture.

Grand Prize: wins a Jelly Roll, a Fat Quarter Bundle, and two of my sewing patterns of their choice!

NOW...please remember these few rules:
Please create a link to this contest on your blog, if you have one. This will increase your chances of being chosen. Also, if your name is not given, I cannot attribute your quote to you on my facebook page. (If you wish to remain anonymous, just say so.)

That's it!
I wish you all the best of luck!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hello friends!
Yesterday we did a little photo shoot for Fiona's Fancy. This collection just arrived at the warehouse, and is soon to be found on the shelves of your local quilt shops. If yours does not carry it...ASK for it!!

I wanted to share some of the shots with you, so you can see the fabrics used in some of my pattern designs.

Featured in the slideshow: The Funked out Peasant Blouse, in the long and short sleeve versions, Lollipop-Lola sundress and Hat, made a little longer for fall and with an added ruffle at the hem instead of the hem band, And the Day at the Park Jacket, Pants, Skirt and Cap. I added my own flower embellishments to the hats made from duppioni silk.

Another added item is the purchased long cream top with the added ruffle at the hem from my fabric in the damask. This is something you can do as well. I purchased the top at Kid's Gap, and just added the ruffle with some elastic thread in the bobbin.

Enjoy clicking through, and leave me a comment!
Click HERE.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fiona's Fancy does the Bellanca Bag

Hello blogworld friends! How has your week (or two) gone? Mine has been pretty good. I have succeeded in getting most of my kids back into school...I say most because the college kids are confusing me as to whether they are in or out. I can't tell. Seems like they are still around most of the time...especially when hungry or have laundry to be done, or out of toilet paper:)

I must say that it does feel good to have a little bit more structure in our schedule, but I'm not sure I am liking the super early mornings that have hit me like a
giant baseball bat to the head. You know what I'm talking about? I went to bed at 2:45 last night, and the 6:15 alarm was a rude awakening. Literally. I'm going to be good and go to bed tonight before midnight. But it's sooo hard! The peace and quiet of the nighttime hours is so hard to come by, I just have to enjoy it for a while before my head hits the pillow. other news, I got a hold of some of my Fiona's Fancy fabric (that is not yet in stores), and it has been really fun to play with! I needed to reprint a couple of my pattern covers anyway, so I decided that Fiona's was going to help me with that.
It's a true fall line, with richer colors and more depth to update your fall/winter wardrobe and accessories with. This is my beautiful daughter-who-isn't-really-my-daughter Demi (my daughter's best friend who basically lives with us)...modeling the Bellanca Bag "A-La Fiona's Fancy" in the blush colorway.
I love this bag, and it has been a customer favorite since it first came out. It makes a great diaper bag for the busy Mom, as well as just a perfect sized carry-all for all of us busy girls who need some serious space for all our stuff.
I'll be choosing one of these shots for the new cover look for the Bellanca bag pattern, so be watching for that.
If you haven't tried making this bag yet, you really should!

Check back soon for the Peasant Blouse remake and a giveaway!!

Now off I go to do the laundry and the dishes and the back soon.