Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To market to market and back again...

Quilt Market spring 2011 in Salt Lake City! It was wild and wonderful and full of delirious craziness, craftiness, beauty and style! I just returned a couple of days ago, and I am just starting to wind down. I had a booth again, which is always interesting... and exhausting to say the least! My dear friend, neighbor and savior Michelle was there again to be my right arm. It was lots of fun, and lots of work, but in the end I think it was successful. As usual, there were things I learned to NOT do next time...and things I learned that I will do again. My family had to ride it out without me, which I don't think they minded at all...even though I was only about 40 minutes away from them. Michelle and I decided to stay in a hotel close by the convention center to minimize brain frazzle on the highways to and from, had we gone home every night. Besides...I was able to reconnect again with my niece and buddy Chelsea, and my baby sister Lucy, which made it so much fun to stay!

Here are a few pics of my booth...which featured my brand new colorful collection called "Lola'
s Posies" which is just about to hit the store shelves!

These shots are of my booth...which was larger than I usually do...because I could just drive it up the road a bit and drop it off. No shipping!!
Now I am spoiled, and I want to do it in SLC every time. FAT chance of that! (But maybe in about 4 years?!)

This above is a collection of some of my new organizers done up in the new laminated fabrics I have in my new collection! They are super flexible and shiny and easy-care. The organizers are designed to handle all sorts of travel, sewing, first aid, toiletry and cosmetic needs, as well as being super cute and wipe-off-able! A whole bunch of them come in one big pattern...including bags for your laptop, I-pad, and Kindle! This pattern was the hit at my booth.

These little ones are dressed up in the "Lollipop Lola" sundress, hat and shorts pattern, which is new for this spring and summer! You will be able to order this pattern really soon. I am just finishing up the final details on it now, so look for it in a couple of weeks! (Just in time for summer)

Here you can see my little fashion models wearing some of the "Day at the Park" pattern, which is available NOW! This pattern has reversible pants, shorts, capri's, a skirt, reversible jacket and a hat...all in one!

DON'T ASK ME WHY...but I had to put this tree in my booth. It was a must. I can't tell you how many times my husband tried to talk me out of it. Maybe because he couldn't park his car in the garage for a month. I don't know...but daily I would be sent links to little silk trees, or little fake palms from the internet...thinking that I might wake up and say...what was I thinking? He finally gave up. I was set on it... and it worked!

We wanted more lights, but by the time we realized there weren't enough, the stores were closed and it was the last set up day. I think it turned out OK anyhow.

You may have noticed the rain coat...that's my Santa Monica Jacket and Cap pattern, done up in some fabulous laminated cotton from my Lola's Posies collection. YUM!

This little faux bed was enticing for everyone who walked's tiring walking around for 8 solid hours a day! It's just my family room ottoman with a little mattress on it and some blankets and throw pillows! Don't you love that big flower pillow in the middle???

There were so many gorgeous booths there this time, as usual, and I want to show you some of my favorites. I'll be back soon with an update on that. So stay tuned!

Happy Spring!