Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drum roll please...

Hello, and thanks for checking back in to see if you are a winner! There are three winners.
Grand Prize Winner
(fat quarter bundle):
of "Lana Jeanne"

Two First Place winners (layer cake and charm pack for each):
Sarah Craig
Debbie of "Somewhere in stitches"

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!
And thanks a million to all my blogworld friends who took the time to enter this contest! I wish you could all be winners!
But, alas, it can't be done.

Winners, please contact me with your mailing address information, and I will promptly send you your winnings!
My email is:
I'll try and contact you as well!

Thanks again to the rest of you, and carry on!

Contest is over now...

(A picture of myself and my best buddy Brittney this year at Thanksgiving. She's one of the most emotionally intelligent people I've ever met. She also happens to be my daughter.)

Hi there blogworld friends!
Just want to thank all of you who entered my little giveaway! It is always so nice to hear from you, see your blogs, read your comments!

I know, I want to know who won.
Well...I can't tell you yet. I will,but not yet.
Did I tell you that I have been on a little break? It's not a real break, only a break from my usual routine. I have been working the whole time. But let me just say that I have truly found the method that works for me, if I want to really accomplish something.

Here it is:(the method) Check myself into a (cheap) hotel right here in my own town, and stay for at least 3 days and 3 nights, ALL BY MYSELF.
It's weird, I know. What's weirder is what I bring with me: My sewing machine and serger, all my sewing supplies, a boatload of fabric, my computer, printer, scanner, design tools, and some comfortable clothes. (Imagine what the hotel management thinks when they see me traipsing in with all that strange gear (hehe).
The other thing is...
NO husband, no kids, no laundry, no cooking, no cleaning, no homework, no dropping people off, picking people up, no distractions at all. I even put my phone on silent.
I have found that it's the most therapeutic thing for me, and I can whip out all kinds of stuff in record time. I only do this twice a year, about 3 or 4 months before each quilt market, cause that's when I start to panic:)
So when people ask how I do it with 7 kids, that's how.

BUT... tomorrow morning it all comes to an end:(
It's OK. I'm ready now. It's time to enter back into the real world, and be the real Mom again.
(I did cheat and let my kids come swimming in the pool a couple of times...that way they don't complain so much about me doing this.)

When I get home, the first thing on my agenda is to go to church with my family (and thank the Lord for giving me a husband who allows me to do everything that I do without complaining), and then come home and use the "online contest randomizer" to pick the PRIZE WINNERS!

Check back tomorrow...thanks for playing!
Love you all,

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Giveaway Time again!

Hi I didn't post yesterday like I thought. I spent most of the day sick in bed, and when I wasn't in bed, I wished I was.

But today is a brand new day...the sun is shining, and I am READY!
READY to post about the contest/giveaway that I am having, to celebrate...actually there's nothing really to celebrate, (except me getting out of bed)...but we are celebrating anyway!! If you already commented on my last post when I alluded to the upcoming contest/giveaway, do not worry. I will count in all of the comments from my post two days ago, and add them to the comments received hereafter on this post. So you don't have to comment yet again. Unless you want to!

The prizes are:
Grand Prize: A fat quarter bundle of my new Isabella fabric by Riley Blake!(Click Here to see the collection)
ACTUALLY: there are a few pieces missing now, on the website, that I guess are sold out. But I have all of the collection in these cuts, so there will be more pieces for the winners than shows up on the website:)

Two First Place prizes will also be awarded:
These winners will get one each of a Layer Cake (10" squares of each of the fabrics in the collection) and a Charm Pack(5" squares of each).

To enter: All you need to do is post about what you would use the fabric to make if you were to win, and then link to the contest on your blog or website if you have one. Please also include your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner. You don't have to be smart or clever, just enter! I will pick the winners using the online "radomizer", and in a week you will find out if you won! Contest officially ends Friday Jan 28th at midnight.
Good luck to all of you!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I hope you are enjoying the January wind-up...looking forward to valentines and shamrocks on the horizon! (YAY! I hate January!!)

I got the urge to see my little baby girls, and went on my daughter's facebook page to steal a peek.
Look what I found!

These three shots show the little strip work skirts I made for my little babies for Christmas! I mentioned them in a recent post.

The one on the left (Lola's) is a little sneak peek of the new "Lola's Posies" fabric line that will be coming out in the spring.
(where'd that name come from???)
It's made of little strips from the strike-offs I got recently. You can't see too much, but that's OK since it's yet to be revealed!

The one on the right that Halle has on is mostly made of "Isabella" prints, as well as some "Spirit" and some "Eden" mixed in. It's nice when you can do that with different collections, isn't it?

And just look at adorable little Lola being cute and coy!

I can't stand it!!!

Remember when I had that "guess the designer"contest?? Here's a picture of Halle wearing her little patchwork top as a little summer dress! (Even though it's not quite summer:)
So sweet!!

Sugar and Spice and Everything nice...
This shows little Lola wearing an adorable outfit that Chelsea made as a sample for quilt market in some great Amy Butler fabric. Isn't that precious??

Hey...where did Halle go??? And why am I stuck here?

OK, well...I guess I won't put you through any more of my Grammy-Brag picture-a-thon. You have been so patient if you have stuck with me all the way here to the end!!! You deserve something special for that!


I should say!!!
Check back tomorrow when I tell you what the prizes are! (But you must comment!)


Friday, January 7, 2011

What's a Mom to do when her kids all go back to school??


No, I didn't paint a room, even though most of my house needs it. I didn't repaint my kitchen table that REALLY needs it. Instead I painted a canvas for Chelsea.

See...a while ago...OK a
year ago, Chelsea asked me to paint a picture to hang in the sewing room of her new house. I said "Sure...if you will give me some of your pattern samples to give my little grand daughters." (I'm such a wheeler-dealer.) She said, "ummm....OK."

So she immediately sent me a big box full of darling Pink Fig clothing items as adorable as you can possibly imagine them being. I was so excited! I sent them all to my daughter in California, who then began dressing her little cutie pies up in them and flaunting them all over So. Cal.

What about that painting I promised Chelsea?? (you ask).

Well, um, I got really busy and sorta forgot that I ever said that I would do that.

Time went by...
Then one day not too long ago, ( It was July, actually) Chelsea sent an email. Just a subtle hint, mind you.

Here's what she said.

Hi Lila!

I have been thinking about my painting. I would like something to go in my sewing room above the fire place. I don't want it to be specific to a certain fabric, but more something that could go with everything.
I definitely want flowers and lot's of colors. I have Lila Tueller, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Tula Pink, Paula Prass, Joel Dewberry, Tina Givens etc... fabric on display. Lot's of teals, pinks, greens, oranges, yellows, pretty much everything.
Is that going to be hard to do?

All of my furniture is white in my sewing room and I have black accents. I'm going for a shabby chic/vintage feel. It's a mess from the move, but I attached some pictures of the room for you.



The light bulb went on in my brain, and I realized that I had let that one slip by.
Anyway, so when my kids all started back to school, I decided it was time. I pulled out my paint supplies, bought a great big canvas, and went to town. When I do that, I don't sleep, I don't eat, I don't do anything but paint.
It takes me a while, but I can usually get it done in a couple days. Sometimes three. OK maybe I sleep a little bit. Maybe I eat a little too. But only if it takes that long.
In this case, it was only a day and a half.

So I put it up on my mantle and took a picture to send to her.

These are close-up shots so you can see the texture better.

She Likes it!! Or so she says. She can't really come pick it up, not without driving for 12 hours or catching a plane. I'm certainly not going to try to ship it to her. So it's gong to have to wait till Quilt Market in May, which is in Salt Lake City this year! That's right down the road from me! HOW CONVENIENT!!

Chelsea will be coming to that, so she'll pick it up then and ship it with all her other stuff home. I hope it will look nice in that room! What do you think?

Now I want to paint something else. Any ideas?? (Not the kitchen table)

Having a wonderful time now that school is back in session!
Take care,