Friday, August 19, 2011

News Flash: Organizer Patterns have arrived!!

Well finally! I was beginning to think there was an "anti-organization" terrorist group out to get me or something. It has been such a drama to get this pattern done! I know there are many of you who have been waiting, emailing, waiting, emailing...checking the blog, waiting some more...and you have been so very patient!

So let me just give you all a little heads up about this pattern:

1. This pattern is not for beginner sewers. (I am talking about the Art Supplies organizer specifically.)
That is not to say that you should shy away from it! I am just giving you a little warning so that you don't expect it to be super easy. If you are not a great sewer, but you want one anyway, consider hiring it out. brave and take it on! (just don't yell at me:)

2. This pattern originally was going to have another bag in it with 4 style options. But as I worked on it, it became really obvious that it was getting too long. (Which translates into too expensive.) I had to make a decision: Increase the price of the pattern by quite a bit) OR take some things out and add them into a new pattern we were already planning for spring market.
This new pattern is going to be the second stage of the organizer pattern, and will include the pieces we had to take out, along with some other awesome carriers for your technological devises.

3. There are still four great organizers with multiple style options for you to enjoy in the Deluxe Organizer pattern that just came in. You can make the Art supplies organizer, with two exterior styles, (this shows the wide strap and buckle version)

the Laptop Computer Bag in two sizes, with two exterior options,
(this shows the big flower exterior version)

the Travel Satchel, with two flap options, (this shows the scalloped flap)

and the Small Essentials Bag (for those female items we all love to carry around with us).

Retail customers can click on any of the patterns on the right sidebar to go to the pattern shop to order. ( I don't have the pattern picture up yet here, but I will soon. )
Wholesale orders: email me@

Thanks again for waiting!


stacy said...

I didn't find it in the pattern shop to order - is there a direct link you can post to it?

Lila Tueller said...

It should be there now, Stacy. Sorry about that! OR you can order it through me directly if you want to.