Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello Hello! It's been a while...

Well you might think that since I've been A-WOL for so long that I've been locked away in a room at the top of a tower, or in a dungeon (more like it), but no, I've just been having a wonderful time on a little "VAY-CAY" as they say in So Cal. ...Crammed seven of us in a car and drove (many hours) to southern Cal to visit my daughter's family, and go to Disneyland, the beach, fave restaurants, shopping, etc...and had a blast! Then when the fun was over, we drove home and I stared at my computer and realized that I was really out of the loop, as far as work was concerned. (But it was well worth it!) So anyway, the news on the street is that my organizer pattern is way late!! IT IS!! I actually sent the WRONG file to the printer for the pattern cover, (which is this nice glossy, folded, double-sided, color card-stock number), and came home to a box of over a thousand of the wrong covers!! To say I was frustrated is putting it mildly. To say that I jumped up and down and screamed out loud at the sky is pretty accurate... but no four-letter words escaped my lips. Just: "NO WAY! I DID NOT DO THAT! NO WAY!! NO STINKING WAY DID I DO THAT!" (Or words to that effect.) So to clarify, the organizers will not be ready to ship until sometime late next week. I know, I know. I said mid-late July. I said that in full confidence that I could do it. But then I turned 50. I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens from this time forth. My whole life has become a big fat senior moment. Does anyone out there feel my pain?? Anyone?? Now I have to throw all of those beautiful, but all wrong, covers in the recycle bin. (Just trying to do my part for the environment.)

Anyhoo...please be patient with me and just wait a little longer. I promise they will come.

So I think it's time I gave a little sneak peek of the next line that is on the table right now. I will get to that, all in good time.

FIRST: Fiona's Fancy!! This collection is new for the fall, shipping in October/November, and being shown in my booth at fall market in Houston. It is rich and warm, full bodied (sounds like a commercial for a draft beer)...and a little, maybe a lot, more sophisticated than Lola's Posies. You can make all kinds of skirts, tops, bags, quilts, and even home decor with this collection.

Blue colorway:

Orchid colorway

Blush colorway

NOT TO MENTION the fact that there are 12 (count em) 12 laminate prints to go crazy with, and a laminated (or cotton) panel for making 2 cosmetic cases and a cute sunglass case with.
Check this out: (The panel comes in all three colorways)

And these (below) are what the finished products will look like!

Cosmetic case 1:

Cosmetic case 2:

And a case for your sunglasses, above.

The panels make it so easy...just cut and sew. The instructions are right there for you.

If you have not yet tried sewing with laminated fabrics, you really must! Truly, you must. I am loving them, (obviously), and they have been selling like crazy! I have lots of great ideas in store for sewing with laminate, so keep watching!

Now I said I would give you a little sneak peek of what's in store for next spring. I did say that, so here it is. This is just a little sampling of the collection that will be coming , and will be showing on paper at market in Houston as well. It's full of springtime color, sure to brighten things up after a long and dreary winter. (Did I say that? I'm not supposed to even think of winter, because then it will come)

These colors actually make my mouth water. I really am excited to sew with this collection. Can't wait!

...So let's keep dreaming of spring and maybe we can skip winter this year:) I really think I was supposed to live in a warmer climate. I know it's because I have not had time to ski like I used to. That's the whole problem. But that's a different story for another day.

Hope this gives you a little sewing incentive in case you are getting a little lax.
Watch for the organizer pattern...good things come to those who wait!

Take Care,


Kate Brotherson said...

Hey Ms Lila,
Such cute fabric. Did Britt talk to you about donating one of your cute creations to our charity auction. I sure do hope you can. I know I will be bidding on it.

Melinda said...

I LOVE the cosmetics case panel! Such a great idea!

Sarah Craig said...

Mmmm, Lila, such pretty fabrics! Love the blush colorway in particular!! And I do feel your pain about senior moments - but at least it gives you a good excuse! Use it!!

Rebecca said...

LOVE these lines, and the panels are so fun!

Ineke van den Akker said...


Jennifer said...

Beautiful new fabric! I now have 2 little girls to sew for and glad for your beautiful fabric to dress them in. Which of your bag patterns do you think would work best for a diaper bag?


Irina said...

Oh those are wonderful, Lila!! Can't wait!

Penny said...

The fabric is lovely! I like the panel idea ~ great accessories for me & wonderful gifts! And..... I think your new fabric line will make wonderful quilts!! Panels! laminates! Dif colorways! Oh thank you, Lila there is somehing for everyone!!

dana said...

Oh my gosh! I am so excited for Fiona's Fancy.... then I had to see the line coming in the Spring! You are going to break me!! I just don't think I can wait for this one! Lime and turquoise together? It just makes me salivate! Can NOT wait!!!

Jessie said...

Very cute fabric! Can not wait until Spring!

Anonymous said...

Love the sneak peek at the spring designs! Will there be laminate fabrics with those? I can just see a pretty rain coat...