Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Is it really over" and other musings of a sleep-deprived mind

Yep...I looked at the calender, and sure enough, August is on the countdown to be out the door. (I really hate calendars.) School starts on Wednesday for us here.
Gone will be the endless parade of popsicled hands and zillions of friends, lemonade and treats, sandals and shorts, suits and towels, chips and salsa, trips to the pool, summer movies and Happy meals, late night walks, barbequed chicken and video games.
How can the summer really be over? I never even got a pedicure!
Well...that's not completely true, because I gave myself one a few times in a desperate attempt to look cute in my flip-flops. But never a professional pedicure. NO TIME!...Not for pampering myself anyway. I guess it's OK. I haven't gotten arrested by the "gnarly feet" police yet, so I think I kept them under the radar:)

In other news...I got my Isabella strike-offs back from Riley Blake: PERFECT! What are strike-offs you ask? Well let me explain. (Even if you didn't ask and don't really care...) Strike-offs are the little samples that the factory prints out of each design in each colorway, (and sometimes in colorways you never thought of or ever intended) so that you can review them and make any corrections or changes you want them to make before they print up a whole boatload of fabric. It allows you to see what the fabric is going to look like so you can start getting really excited, or really sad, as the case may be. (I've experienced both)

Once I got some strike-offs that sent me crying into the bathroom for several hours, and then intermittently for days...maybe even weeks afterward. NOT FUN. (It all turned out OK in the end.)
But this time, things looked really good! In fact there were no changes made. NONE. That is practically unheard of! That is nothing short of miraculous! That, my friends, is my joyous experience so far with Riley Blake. Need I say more?

So I have begun to allow my mind to take off on a wild imaginative ride through all sorts of cerebral sewing extravaganzas...with a million creative ideas crashing together in my head. I can hardly finish imagining one thing before another one comes in and takes over the scene. It's exhilarating and frustrating all at once...because you begin to realize that you can't possibly make all of those things. Not without a time machine.

Anyhoo...Pictures :

I heard that some scientists successfully cloned a rat. I'm thinking that with a little convincing on my part, I could be next. Hmmmm.

Back to the mellow-drama about summer being over...the only thing I'm really worried about, (besides the homework woes and the endless complaints about this mean teacher or that horrible bully...) is that I'm actually going to have to get up at a normal hour in the morning, and cook breakfast and drive people around. Which also means that I have to get to bed at a normal hour. which means that I can't stay up till 4 am designing fabric or sewing patterns...which means I will have to be a normal human and work during the daylight hours...which means I have to completely retrain my body to do the opposite of what it wants to do!
It's really hard!!! A nocturnal creative like myself has to utilize an enormous amount of self control to live like others. It's not easy. It's not fun. But in the school year, it becomes necessary.

But really, I think it's OK that the summer is ending. Let's face it. My kids need some structure in their lives. I need them to have some structure. I actually really need them to be gone for a few hours each day...because I'm BEAT.
So I'm going to enjoy the last few days of insanity before the blissful quiet of an empty house lulls me into peaceful tranquility. Maybe I'll just sleep the first few days away. Maybe I'll just watch TV for once.
Perhaps I won't mind retraining my body to behave in a normal fashion. (At least for a while)

I guess there are some perks to the summer being over after all! Any other moms agree??

Have a good week...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spirit Yardage is in!!

Hello Blogworld friends!

Just a quick little note to say that my brand new "Spirit" collection for Moda is in stock and ready to purchase!
Here, at the Fat Quarter Shop, you can buy all sorts of pre-cuts and yardage to make just about anything you have on your list for fall!

I love the rich colors in this collection, and I hope you will too!