Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm a gramdma again!

I've been holding this in for over a week, and I can't hold it anymore! My daughter Brittney had another little girl on Monday the 19th of April, (same birthday as my youngest son) and she is an absolute doll! 7lbs. 1 oz. 19" long, and sweet as sugar. Look at that precious little face!

Her name is Lola:) Pretty close to Lila...right? That's what I thought too!

Look how her big sister Halle loves her!

...and so does Pappy!

Her momma and Gramma are really proud they made it through. (I felt like I pushed as hard as she did!) WHEW!! I think I look like I had the baby... Brittney is just radiant!
Soooo fun!

Yes...that is a Funked Out Peasant Blouse I'm wearing, in some of my favorite Pillow and Maxfield fabric. Such a gorgeous collection!

Just had to share...these are the times that make life wonderful, and put everything else in perspective.

Love to all...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey! Do you want someone to make you a bag???

Occassionally I get requests for handmade bags, which I used to do all the time, but now I am just too busy designing patterns and fabric.

So I decided to do a little highlight on a wonderful handbag-making blogworld friend, so you could get your hands on some of her great handmade stuff!
See her contact info below:

Handmade Bags & More

See her work here: www.etsy.com/shop/Sewtype

This person was the author of the zippered pocket tutorial you can see on this blog, just under the Onesie dress tutorial.
Here's a little bit more about her.

I’ve been sewing since I was about 4, starting with doll clothes. From about 8th grade on I made clothes for me and my sisters, including wedding dresses. I got into making bags and accessories 3 years ago after I retired and my husband had a stroke. I didn’t need more clothes but I had to stay close to home taking care of him. My real love is the fabrics and it’s been fun and good therapy creating useful things that people seem to like. My other favorite thing to do is spend time with family—lots of sisters and brothers, four sons, and 9 grandchildren.

Here's a picture of Christine and her lovely family! That's her in the middle. (Pale pink shirt)
Great family, Huh?

Here are a couple of samples of her work:

This last one here is my Bellanca Bag pattern. She did a fabulous job with it!

So there you go! Thanks for the info, Christine! Keep up the great work!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Patterns and Fabric...Yay!

Hello All! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter (that is if you celebrate it), and are looking forward to lots of lovely springtime weather! I know I am:) I just wanted to let you in on some news here at Lila Tueller Designs;

I have been very busy creating some new sewing patterns for your sewing enjoyment! It has literally taken months to accomplish this, and I hope you will like them as much as I do!
I have 3 new patterns on the horizon that I hope you will enjoy: The first two are for Tween girls in sizes 8-16. They are fun and girly, but not too over the top, so as not to scare off your fickle teens! (I have some of my own...so I get it.)

The first is called "The London Peasant Top/Dress"

(It was a cold, windy day, and my daughter Abby was not one bit happy to be modeling for me.)

This Top/Dress has a gathered neck and waist, sleeve options, length options, skirt panel options, and flat piping to add a little interest here and there. And there is a tiered version for the more feminine types.

Here it is with a bell sleeve, done in some Spirit fabric with some cool blue accents:

The next one is called "The Abigail Dress/Top"
It has a "Y" shaped neck band, and a front waist band with ties in the back. It has sleeve options, length options, and hemline options, to name a few. This pattern cover shows just one way to make it: with pockets, ruffled hem and sleeves.

Above you can see two ways to make this pattern.

Here it is below, as a top, done in Eden for spring. Notice the cap sleeves , and there is no ruffle here, but a hem band instead. And no pockets.

And here it is as a top, done in oranges, greens and browns, with a double banded hem, longer double banded sleeves, and without pockets.

And below, done in Tina Givens and Kaffe Fassett...in the longer top with the cap sleeve, narrow hem band, and pockets again.

So, with these two new patterns, you will be able to make lots of cute new things for your "tween" to wear!

Last but not least, The Santa Monica Jacket and Cap for adults.

The gorgeous creature modeling this outfit is my friend Marin. She is the mother of 3, and is a total knock-out! (As you can see.) She isn't allowed to walk next to me in public. ( Just kiddin':)

This pattern is designed to be made using my new "Spirit" twill fabric, coming out in the fall, as shown in the photo here, OR, you could make them before then using anyone's twill, canvas, corduroy, poplin, or upholstery weight fabric. You can also make it using regular quilting weight fabric, backed in a nice woven fusible interfacing.

I plan on having it ready to be released in about 2 months or so. The others should be ready by the first week of May.

As soon as the new patterns are available to ship, I will announce it and have them activated and up on my right sidebar, so you can order them for yourself!

However, if you are a wholesaler and would like to Pre-Order them, you can do that, and I will send them out to you as soon as they are available to ship. Just send me an email:


This brings me to my next topic...FABRIC!

I have been so busy sewing and writing up instructions, that I haven't even taken a second to show you my new fabric collection: SPIRIT

You can see little bits of it in the new pattern photos above. It's a really colorful collection to inspire you to sew in fall 2010.

This collection will be showing at the Spring Quilt market in Minneapolis in May. It won't be available in stores until early fall...that's just the way it goes in Blogworld/Fabricland. It's an annoying fact we all have to deal with.

Anyway...I promise to put up pictures of it soon...but first I have to feed my kids some lunch, brush my hair and my teeth, put on some clothes, and try to be a human mom for a while!

Sorry for that little taste of reality...but that's me.

UPDATE: Here they are: The Spirit Line-up in pinks, greens, oranges, golds, browns and blues.

Hope you'll enjoy sewing things with them...not exactly for the faint of heart:)

Love to you all...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eden, Revisited

Hello again! I have been on blogger vacation I think! It has been a little while, but I'm back.
Just wanted to share a little bit of "Eden" with you...since it helps me believe spring might actually come one day.
It will, right? I mean, spring usually does follow winter, and I think it always has...but sometimes when winter just keeps dragging on and on, one starts to wonder if maybe this year there will not be a spring. Maybe not even a summer.
So to help me keep believing, I have brought you these few reminders of what springtime looks like through my eyes.

These two pictures above are of an adorable Eden dress for the sweet little daughter of a blogworld friend named Dawn Hansen of olabelhe.blogspot.com.

Isn't it precious?

Here's some more precious-ness.

Ohhhhh... ooooo...ahhhh...

The little outfits above were found on Etsy...so if you want one of your own, go there!

...and this here is a shot from a baby bedding catalog where they are going to use my Eden collection for their awesome custom made baby bedding! Love that.

More baby bedding closeups:

And to think I have a new Granddaughter coming in 2 weeks! Hmmmmm...

...The Pillow Pop Pattern done in lavender and silk!

My Eden Chair from the booth last fall...

Sweet Eden quilts...
This one above was made by fellow blogworld friend Mandy Bridgeforth. Isn't it fun?

...A few more of those amazing Etsy handmades!!! Gotta Love Etsy:)

And a killer rag bedding set to snuggle under, and dream of Spring. See: http://cottagebelles.etsy.com

Well, that's it for now.
Hope you feel a little more like spring. I'm definitely feeling it. Maybe tomorrow... it'll be here!

Maybe not.

Happy spring dreaming:)