Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wow!! This kid is amazing!

Have you ever seen something that just inspired you beyond words? And all you can do is tear up and try to hold it together, while you are saying inside yourself...Oh. My. Goodness.

This is was one of those things for me. It doesn't have anything to do with Christmas really, except to prove that God exists because there is no other explanation for this than the fact that God has blessed some people with talents that just cannot be contained. Where else could this come from???

This kid is maybe 13 years old...and, well, you will have to see for yourself.
Please pause my music list, and enjoy.


Lone Jakobsen said...

Tried the link you posted
but...... We cant see it in Denmark thats a shame cause I get curious now I cant se what you are posting here about a 13 year old boy!!!

happy Friday to you

Hugs from Lone in Denmark
By the way GREAT BLOG you have here

Julia Quilts said...

Very nice. I'm very glad that I listened. Thanks!