Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving!! (Tueller style)

Thanksgiving: a time to reflect on our blessings.That's what it's all about.
I have to say that I am most thankful right now for my family. I am so blessed!

That's Troy. (above) He's my seven year old energizer bunny/Karate expert.
Ask me how many times a day he does this move.

Just finished a big week here at the homestead...had lots of friends and family around to make it memorable. Had the absolute
Best Turkey On Record...I'll explain that sometime. (I'm calling Guinness.)

Since I had all seven of my kids at home, we had to take a few family pictures. It's a rare occasion for us... not so much having them all here, but the family picture part. We just don't do it like we should. Don't know why...maybe it's just that we are so busy living
in the now, that we can't think about the later for even a darn second. That's why I am so bad at scrap-booking too.

These are my cute kids. They are what makes it all worthwhile!

You may notice some extras here. The girl in the navy blue shirt is practically a family member...she is my daughter Nat's best friend, and she basically lives with us. She had to be in the family hat shot.

And the little one in front with the attitude? She's from England visiting us with her "Mum", there to the left in the photo, and I wish every one of you could have heard them talk. Their accents were SO COOL! Really thick London accents...that we couldn't get enough of. We all just sat around listening to them talk, asking questions so we could hear more...egging them on. That accent on a precocious little four year old thing was beyond adorable. PRICELESS! They are friends that my son Cade brought over from his mission to meet our family. We had such a lovely time with them! But...We wanted to keep little "Livvy"...

Can you blame us?? Look at her!
This is little LOLA (7 months old) with Paige...those piercing blue eyes! That look she's got makes me wonder what she was thinking at the moment. Paige is beautiful, as usual.
And these are the Tueller girls. And me. We have a lot of girl power. We are a force to be reckoned with.

And these are the Tueller men. Also a force to be reckoned with, but definitely not the same force as the women. Nope, no contest. (JK guys.)

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! And if you don't live in America, I hope you can come to my house sometime and take part in our Thanksgiving festivities! You shouldn't have to miss it!
We'd love to have you. REALLY.

Love to all,


passingdowncrazy said...

What a beautiful family! You are so blessed!

momto2wasd said...

What wonderful pictures! And, yes, the ones we love are what makes it all worth it!

Barb Elder said...

Love your family and your family pictures!! What a great blessing family is.

Island Girl Bags said...

Beautiful nice to have them all together.

The Shanty Girl said...

What a lovely family you have be proud!!! I love your designs and fabrics and really enjoy your blog, color, pics and music. It is very nice! Those girls are each so very beautiful, it is hard to find the mom in the group though as there does not seem to be enough of an age difference, I really had to look!

Cindy Sews said...

You have a beautiful family. Thanks for the pictures!

Svenja said...

I found your blog while visiting another one. And thanks God, I found it. :)
Your Blog is awesome. So many nice stories, so many pretty pictures and sooooo many nice fabrics which I ALL need!!!
I will visit you now more often cause I just love love love your page.

Greetings from the german Girl, living in south Spain.


Chelsea said...

Your family is the best! I love this photo shoot. It's so different from the norm.

Troy is the karate Kid! Tell him I think he is so cool.

Love ya!


michal said...

You really are a beautiful family! you must be so proud, and feel so blessed!