Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Market photos! YAY!

(below is a pic from Anna Maria Horner's booth that I thought was so cute with all of those darling booties on display! Just had to start out with it.)

Yes, it's true...finally I have been able to successfully upload a few of my pictures. There are more where these came from, but they will have to wait for another day when I have more time. (When's that???)
Now...mind you, I never claimed to be a great photographer, and with my little digital camera, well let's just say they aren't exactly professional quality.
But I will show you what I've got. Most of them are just snapshots, un-staged and unedited.
This will give you a little taste of what quilt market was like in Minneapolis this last May. It was really fun to be there, just floating around!

So here goes:

This is Tina Givens' booth. We stopped in to visit Tina, because we always have a great laugh when we're with her. Seriously, we were crying tears of laughter. Tina is a total hoot! (Funny... there are owls in her newest line)

Here below is one of Tina's amazing "creatures". She makes them up in her head, and then creates them. They are so adorable! She turned the bunny upside-down to show us the jewels that got stuck in her tail.

Here's Tina (above), laughing at herself! (caught 'ya!)'

and below is the always inspiring Amy Butler booth. TOO good.

Here, below is Sandi Henderson's booth. she's a friend. she looks fabulous!

She's just doing a little PR work here. That's her hubby there, seated. He's super supportive.

And here is my friend Patty Young's booth. Cute new doll panels, Patty!

Here below are my new friends Anne and Valerie (Pillow and Maxfield). LOVE their new line. LOVE them! (such nice ladies.)

Super cute director's chair re-do!

And this, below is Anna Maria Horner's booth. (Lucy is thumbing through her NEW BOOK!)

Here, below is Anna showing us her really cute shoes (and her book got in there too somehow.)

The book is really fab. you need a copy!!

This here, above, is my baby sis Lucy, who is so dang cute sitting there on Anna's piecework couch!
That's it for now...check back next time when I get more photos up. sample giveaways and sale coming soon!! Don't stay away too long, you could miss it!


SillyMama said...

SO glad that you were finally able to post your photos of market! So much fun to see all the great booths and people behind them! Can't wait for a fun giveaway - thanks!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Thanks for the great pictures...I sure enjoyed them. Congrats on your move to Riley Blake, I love their fabrics, too.

Jacqueline said...

Now that I know how to blog, I also know how to leave comments. Fun, fun pics. So many talented people, including you. So fun to see what the market looks like.-Jackie

mamabug said...

Amazing pictures and beautiful fabrics, booths and people ...Thank you

Fazemos de Conta said...

Hi my dear, what a wonderful market!! I wish I could be there, so many beautiful works... huummm I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi where is this beautiful market?? How often is on?? Can anyone go?? I want to be there!!!

Lila Tueller said...

FYI: International Quilt Market is held each May in a different destination and each October, in Houston TX. It is not open to the public, but is open to the trade only. Anyone who sells fabric or sewing patterns or is involved in the industry can attend as long as they register. You can also do a booth there if you are involved in the industry. If you google International Quilt Market you can find out lots of information about it.

cathy said...

Hi Lila, I love your Blogs. I can't wait to see the next. I'm soooo impressed to see the art work out their. Your baby sis looks exactly like you. She is beautiful.
Cathy (Uptownmama)