Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy Days and Busy Nights

Sorry for the dearth of posts...not that you've been holding your breath.
I've just been really busy. You know how it is sometimes, when you don't even get your bed made, certainly not your more-important-than-that chores one knows what a home cooked meal is anymore, and your kids think there must be company coming if you put your makeup on.

So I'm going to show you a few little clips of what I've been up to, among other things, if for no other reason than so you won't think I'm just a lazy old couch potato. Computer chair potato, yes. But not couch potato.

This is just a hint of some of the designs I've been working on for Spring 2011. It's clearly way out there in the future, but not for me. I feel like I've already lived through this spring, summer, fall and winter, and I'm knocking at 2011's doors.
It's a really weird reality that's not really reality. As if that makes any sense.

Anyhoo...This is just a snippet for fun, and not meant to be a full reveal. I'm sure these will not appeal to everyone, but that's OK and to be expected. You can even tell me if you don't like.

Also...I'm gearing up for a giveaway! I have been working hard on these designs, and working on three new patterns, possibly four, and I'm sorta in the mood to take a little break and splurge on something fun for keep checking back for the giveaway coming up soon.

PS: I've been very troubled about Haiti. some of my dear friends are from Haiti, and their family and home have been devastated. I'm going to find a way to help out...maybe we can do something together?

This is a picture of us at Christmas, with our friend Sophia from Haiti. She is here going to school, living with her sister. She stayed with our family over Christmas, which was tons of fun. That was all before the earthquake happened. It's been really hard for her to be here, watching all of the news coverage, and the heartbreaking scenes of her home and her fellow Haitians in so much pain and turmoil. and not be able to do anything to really help. I'm not from Haiti, but knowing her and seeing her and her sister grieve for their country has really been upsetting for me. It has made the whole thing much more personal somehow.
I just wanted to share that with you.

Please pray for Haiti.


Andi said...

Well, you HAVE been productive!!
I absolutely love these new designs. Especially the first 2.
Can't wait to see more.
Andi :-)

passingdowncrazy said...

Amazing! Spring 2011 is a long ways away!

The Zeediks said...

I love all of them. I mean it Mom.You are so good. xoxo. So sad about the Haitian devestation.

a little bit biased said...

Your new designs are beautiful. I especially loved the colors in the first one. Your friend is beautiful and I wish her and her family well.

Marci said...

Your new designs are beautiful! I really love the color combinations. The powdery lavender is great!!!

Mary Anna said...

Oh, Lila! I can't wait to get your new fabrics!!!

Praying for Haiti and its people, here and there.

Dusty said...

Wow, gorgeous, just gorgeous. I know I'm going to be setting aside some sewing time and money next spring to make SOMETHING with that. (we really have to wait a whole year?)

jaybird said...

they are all beautiful... but that first one is just fantastic.. you have to keep that in!!

Donnelly said...

Gorgeous! I especially love the blue and white mosaic-type one! Wow!
Thanks for sharing with us.
Have a great day!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great new designs Lila and I see I am liking the same as Donnelly above. The blue and white mosaic is awesome.

Little Red said...

Hi Lila,
I just stumbled upon your blog, I wish I could say how but sometimes I just go blog hopping and tonight I ended up here and I'm so glad I did! You are one amazingly talented women- gorgeous designs.

P.S. My maiden name is Tueller- we must be related somehow :)

allsewnup said...

Your fabrics are yummy eye candy.


Dianne said...

May not be for everyone, but I sure do think that it's pretty cool! I think that the first picture and the last picture are my favorites!

Sweet Baby Jamie said...

I love love love it!! Keep them bright :) I love to get sneak peaks, yet it makes me so impatient!! And yes, lets keep praying for Haiti.....thanks for the reminder

Spice Berry Cottage said...

Stunning sneak peaks! Now we have to wait. UGH! Thanks for such great fabric, Lila!

Anonymous said...

Just LOVE them!! I have patterns and plans running thru my head already!! :)
My family is right there with yours with the Haitians. My daughter and her girlfriends made blankets last weekend for them. Now we just need to figure out how and who we send them to.

Jenny said...

I LOVE the new designs. Especially the first one. I'll definitely have them in my shop!

Trish Preston said...

Oh Lila...I love the new stuff you're doing! Can't wait to see them next year!

Andrea said...

I love the fabric patterns. Lovely. I've been wanting to do something for Haiti also. I've got a little idea, but I need to do a little more research. I think it could be big through bloggy friends getting together and making it happen.

オテモヤン said...


La Dolce Boutique said...

Oh Lila...I can so relate with the "not making the bed because I have way too many things on my list" feeling! BUT you have definitely been busy and productive. I LOVE the new designs!!! Very different from the Eden collection (which I also love) and I think that's a good thing. It keeps all your designs so fresh...who wants to be repetitive, right?

Also, I think it would be wonderful to do something to help benefit that Haitians as they endeavor the heartache from their loses and rebuilding of their homeland. It is so hard to imagine what they are going through and also for your dear friends who are dealing with their loses away from all those that they love. Trying to imagine what it would like if my own hometown was destroyed with all of my loved ones there is beyond comprehension. Please let them know that this random stranger is prayer specifically for them and their loved ones as well as all the Haitian people.

Keep up the great work and I SO look forward to seeing more of your designs! :-)

From a fellow "Computer Chair Potato" ~ Mary Carole Dolce

Melissa said...

Lila, We are saddened by the devistation as well. The day of the earth quake my husband fasted and prayed. At first he thought "what can my prayers do for them?" But an idea came to his mind to approach his boss (high school principle, he is a teacher) about fund raising. The whole student body, and staff got behind him, and they raised over $15,000 and they are a school of only 400 students. We live in Canada and the government matched the contribution, so $30,000 came from my husband's prayers...... you will know what to do too as you ponder and pray.

Melissa said...

I forgot to mention, your designs are great, I love everything you create ;)

Melina said...

You are the funniest blogger-I lurk here all the time for a good laugh about life through your eyes-you are very encouraging, and a beautiful person. I was hooked on your kitchen sink reveal-you became the coolest blogger ever in my eyes!!

It is a wonderful thing that something terrible like this situation in Haiti brings out so much love in the world to help them.

LOVVVVEE the new fabrics-can't wait for them and the new patterns!!! Keep up your creativity, and the positive attitude!! We all love it!

Colleen said...

I love your fabrics. I came her from a Little Bit Biased. She is having a contest. I do love your fabrics and I expecially love Eden.

themsrevolution said...

i love those purples and yellows. well done!