Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving...In retrospect

Just so you don't think me ungrateful, I decided to take down my rather miserable post earlier this morning, which sounded a little like The "before" Scrooge, instead of the "after" Scrooge. and focus on the holiday we just had before going full steam into the holiday we are now entering.

Here is a little Thanksgiving trivia for you:

The Pilgrims' Menu

Foods That May Have Been on the Menu

Seafood: Cod, Eel, Clams, Lobster
Wild Fowl: Wild Turkey, Goose, Duck, Crane, Swan, Partridge, Eagles
Meat: Venison, Seal
Grain: Wheat Flour, Indian Corn
Vegetables: Pumpkin, Peas, Beans, Onions, Lettuce, Radishes, Carrots
Fruit: Plums, Grapes
Nuts: Walnuts, Chestnuts, Acorns
Herbs and Seasonings: Olive Oil, Liverwort, Leeks, Dried Currants, Parsnips

What Was Not on the Menu

Surprisingly, the following foods, all considered staples of the modern Thanksgiving meal, didn't appear on the pilgrims' first feast table:

Ham: There is no evidence that the colonists had butchered a pig by this time, though they had brought pigs with them from England.
Sweet Potatoes/Potatoes: These were not common.
Corn on the Cob: Corn was kept dried out at this time of year.
Cranberry Sauce: The colonists had cranberries but no sugar at this time.
Pumpkin Pie: It's not a recipe that exists at this point, though the pilgrims had recipes for stewed pumpkin.
Chicken/Eggs: We know that the colonists brought hens with them from England, but it's unknown how many they had left at this point or whether the hens were still laying.
Milk: No cows had been aboard the Mayflower, though it's possible that the colonists used goat milk to make cheese.

Source: Kathleen Curtin, Food Historian at Plimoth Plantation.

And...a typical Thanksgiving table today:

Not that any of these things matter, it's still kind of interesting, I think.

For Thanksgiving at out house, we had a nice meal with our own family and a friend of ours from Haiti, and another from Peru. It was lovely! We had turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, rolls & jam, peas, corn, green beans, sweet potato casserole, spinach salad, and cheese and crackers and spinach/artichoke dip for appetizers.

We had a larger extension of our family and friends come and eat desert with us at our house, and the desserts included Pumpkin Pie, apple crisp, banana cream pie, pecan pie, buttermilk pie with berries, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream as the toppers, as well as some other desserts I can't remember.

We had a really nice sort of fireside afterward where we all sat around and took a few minutes to talk about what we are most grateful for. There weren't many dry eyes after that one. All in all, it was a wonderful day!

I want to go on record as saying that I know I am extremely blessed and spoiled, and that I'm sure there are many things I take for granted every day of my life.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, if you live in the States, and if not, I hope you can take a moment to reflect on your blessings, wherever you might find yourself!

It has helped me to pull out of a silly slump on more than one occasion in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

( it comes... Merry Christmas!)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sewing Days

You know how it is when you literally sew non-stop for hours? Does that happen to anyone else?..."happen to" if it's an uncontrollable and unforeseeable event. Sometimes I just get the bug, like a good disease, and I just sew and sew.

I started out with the Liverpool of Amy Butler's new patterns that I saw done at Petersen-Arne's booth at quilt market and absolutely HAD to have it. I made it out of my favorite print I think, from her new "love" fabric line, and wore it the very next day to a birthday lunch. LOVE IT. I'll post a pic of it tomorrow when the sun is out. Maybe.

Then I decided to do an outfit (or two) for my granddaughter Halle Rose. They turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself! I love it when I can turn thrift store finds into something "boutiquey". I did some fun applique work "A-La Pink Fig".

Here's the end result of my labors over a couple of days.

This first one was done using some great Amy Butler fabric from her Daisy chain collection, some luscious raspberry fabric from Erin McMorris and some thrift store jeans.

This next set was made from a thrift store sweater and jeans as well. I used some of Moda's fabric from "Sanae', and some Kaffe Fassett, as well as some of Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom.I added some little gathered fabric strips to the sweater, and a casing with a drawstring to the waist, new bell sleeves and some crotche'd lace to make it sweet.

Just a closer- up view of the pants appliques. (I added a little embroidery too:)

The jeans were sorta straight legged and baggy, so I added the triangle to the sides to make them flared.

This here, below, is a little sneak peek from a pattern I am developing for "Tweens". It isn't quite ready yet... you'll see more of it in the future.

So that's some of what I've been up to...among other things! Ask me if my dishes are done.
Or the laundry...hmmmm.
Tomorrow is another day!

Hope you have a great weekend...


Monday, November 2, 2009

I know I'm extremely late with these, but I thought I should post some more pics from Quilt Market. Some of these booths are so really need to see them.
Here we go!
Amy Butler: One word...AMAZING!

So much color and bright and Amy.

Next in line is Anna Maria Horner:

Anna just had her 6th baby, and look at her go! I know she must be soooo tired, but look how cute she is! She has accomplished quite a bit in the last 12 months since I saw her last!
You Go Girl!

And now for Heather Bailey...(who had a strip of grass in her booth!)
Heather's booth won first prize in The double booth category!! I think you can see why...
(Is that crown molding on those walls?)

I just love those little turtle pincushions...

Heather and her husband. So tired! They worked really hard on that booth, I can attest! Plus they drove it all there themselves from Arizona and had to put it up in record time.

Well folks, that's all for today! I hope you have gotten some great eye candy treats to satisfy your creative cravings! These are incredibly talented people who also happen to be really nice!
I am honored to be in their presence when at Market. They are so inspiring!

Have a wonderful week! Carry on, carry on...