Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn Trees at the Tueller's

These are pictures of the gorgeous trees in my front yard. They are literally on FIRE! Aren't they pretty? I love our trees in the fall. They stand out so sharply against the blue sky on crisp fall days. I'm so sad when they finally fall to the ground, even though the kids and the dog have a blast playing in them.

Just had to share. I think fall is my favorite season, next to summer.
what's yours?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ruffled Skirt that has no name availble for pre-order NOW

Click on the image to go to the pattern shop

See this skirt? The lavender one my cute sister Laura is wearing? It was all the rage at quilt market, and the pattern is due to be released in about 4 weeks. If you want to reserve your pattern, the time is now!
Click on the image to go to Chelsea's ETSY shop to reserve yours!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Drum roll please...

I know you have all been very patient, and you all deserve to win the prize...BUT...Alas, I can only award one winner.
I hate this part of contests! I always want to give something to everyone who enters...because you all say such nice things, and you all deserve to get a big surprise for being so kind.
It's truly painful to have to eliminate so many great friends.
(Just so you know, the winning name was drawn randomly, because that's the fair way.)

...But here we go:
The winner of my layer cake/jelly roll/pattern giveaway is:
Mary Carole Dolce of La Dolce Boutique!!!

I hope you will enjoy your goodies, and please send me your address so I can send them to you!

Mary seems to be a really sweet person, who is very deserving of a fabric treat!
Congratulations, Mary!

My love to all of you who didn't win!! You are still the best.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Quilt Market was good times!

My crazy silly group of travel partners. We did have fun!

This is part of my Eden booth.

International Quilt Market was, as usual, fabulous and exhausting! I had a great time, but spent far too many hours lost on the freeways, stuck in the UPS hub, stranded in the rain and the heat and the steam and the cold, (the weather was very unstable), and lamenting my "Houston Hair", as it has come to be known whenever I visit there. I have never laughed so hard, sweat so much, or eaten so little. Well, unless you count Smarties as food.
It was great having my baby sister Lucy Morey there with her own booth:

(Hot Scott Booth )

(My sisters Laura, Lucy and me in Lucy's booth.)

"Hot Scott Designs" which is a hip, trendy brand new BOY'S pattern design company, soon to be fabrics as well, and my "older" sister Laura Aston, who manned my booth with me, and was an incredible help and support to me from beginning to end. AND of course my wonderful funny niece Chelsea of Pink Fig patterns (see photo below) was there to inspire us all with her awesome girly pattern designs. Lucy and Chelsea each brought their best buddies along to help them with their booths and we all shared a hotel, rental car, U-haul, candy bowls, and lots of laughs over the course of the 5 days we were together.

Pink Fig's girly booth!

This is Heidi Porth of They have a fabulous online shop with a huge selection, for all of your fabric and pattern needs!
Enough of the quickies.
I promise to show you lots of great eye candy in the form of booths, fabrics, accessories and familiar faces. First I have to find my camera! (Soooo typical)

I will be informing you of the winners shortly!