Monday, September 28, 2009

I was just thinking...It's time for a giveaway!

Don't you think? I mean it's been a while. I've been neglecting.
Well, no more!

Let's see...what would be nice? I'm thinking... something to celebrate the newness of "Eden"; something that you can't buy anywhere till Spring.

How about a "Jelly Roll" and a "Layer Cake" cut from "Eden" fabrics and a couple of my new patterns??

Now if you don't know what a jelly roll is, let me explain. Its a 2.5" wide by 44" long cut of every fabric in the Eden line, plus a couple extras thrown in for good measure, all rolled up like a sweet roll, or a jellyroll if you will, and tied up in a bow.
The great thing about jellyrolls is you can make cool things with them, like bags and quilts and strip work baby skirts... AND you get to have a little sample of all of the fabrics in a collection without having to by a lot of yardage.

A Layer Cake is similar, but instead you get a 10" square of each of the fabrics, doubles of some, so you can make other cool things! My Halle Rose baby Blanket Pattern is made from Layer Cakes. Maybe I'll throw that in too!
The two newest patterns will be in the gift box too, so you can try them out before anyone else gets to! As I'm writing this, I don't even have them back from the printer let's just hope they come in a timely fashion!

The prizes will be given to the person whose name is drawn from the comment pool. You must leave a comment, (hopefully a nice one), and post a link to the contest on your blog if you have one. This will give you 5 extra entries. (If you don't have a blog, don't still get an entry into the contest.) If you want even more chances to win, tell me what you would make with a jelly roll or a layer cake if you had one. I'll give you 5 more entries for that.

So there you have it... Good Luck!

Oh, and one more thing...Sometimes those fortune cookies you get with Chinese food are a crock of, well you know. But sometimes they actually have hidden truths, or not so hidden truths. Sometimes they actually come true, but so far not for me.
But I really, REALLY liked the one I got last night, and thought I'd share it with all of you, for some good karma or something. (Is that how you spell Karma???) can apply to all of us through the magic of Blogworld. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Thanks a million for all of your awesome comments/ideas/compliments/creativity!

The contest will go on while I am away at market.
My two new patterns are here...available for order on my right sidebar. (If the link doesn't show the new patterns yet, just hang on a sec...they'll be there any minute!) Just think of all the cute pillows and bedding you could make for yourself, or for loved ones!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eden smells like lavender...

Hello all,
In my rush to create samples for Quilt market coming up, I have neglected to share some of the new things with you. So here are a couple of shots of the new pattern called Pillow Pop, this time in the purple colorway, and with a splash of sultry, shimmery silk to jazz them up a bit!

I was asked by Brewer Quilting and Sewing Supplies to create some samples of my new patterns incorporating some of their beautiful silk fabric. I happily obliged, and here is the result!
I think it's really pretty!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stella's got a New DO!

That really does sound like a movie sequel doesn't it??

(Stella before, above, and Stella after, below.)

I know, I know...her hair is a little mussed. She needs a hat or something. How 'bout this one?

Is it just me, or does she look like Madonna somehow??

They say blonds have more fun. Stella doesn't know yet if they do...she hasn't even left the house with her new hair till today, and she only made it to the front yard.
Not much fun yet...but what happens soon could break all her past "fun" records.
You know what I mean...the trip to Houston for market. She's never been to Houston. We have to get her out on the town... take her to a couple of the hot spots: dancing, the theater, fancy restaurants. (I'd love to see how that goes over.)
But I really don't know my way around that city...
Any suggestions? Keep in mind she only has two outfits. That's going to limit us a bit.

Soooo....I guess I'm really bored today. Sundays are usually kinda like that.

I was thinking that women with hot pink hair probably have even more fun than blonds do. Stella may go back to her former hair if things don't pick up soon.

I'm thinking I might look pretty darn good in hot pink hair...

This is Stella's new skirt. I'm making it into a pattern. It should be available in a couple of months. What do you think? I know you can't see it very well.

Profile shot...a little light dappled. So I'm not a great photographer.

This is my husband Hal with Stella.
I think he looks like a cardboard cutout of himself. Stella looks like the real person in the photo.
He told me he might like to date her. She's really easy to get along with, compared to me. Compared to anyone, actually.
I told him..."Go for it."

I've been really busy lately, and he's been feeling sorta left out.
Stella's always up for a good time. She's a great listener, she doesn't ever interrupt and talk about herself...doesn't try to be the center of attention, (although she always is). She's always free too. She doesn't sew or anything.

When he finds out she doesn't cook either, he'll probably move on.

Stella's the most fun I'm having today I think.
I'll be back to work tomorrow...

PS: Thanks, April for "springing" up my blog with a little Eden!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two new Patterns coming soon...

I thought I'd give you a sneek peek at what i've been up to the last little while...I've shown a little here and there, but these are the final cover shots for my two newest patterns, soon to be available!
Hopefully it will inspire some of you moms of girls to redo their bedroom! could make a few new pillows for a window seat or something.
Even if you've never attempted to make bedding before, you can be brave and try these patterns, because they explain everything! There are even ideas for customizing store-bought linens with fabric and trim.
Anyway, I'll stop blabbing on and on and you can have a look for yourself!



Check back soon to purchase these patterns...just waiting on the printer!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eden, As Promised



I finally got around to shooting some pics of my newest fabric line, soon to be released, called "Eden".
This collection is full of spring pastels and semi-brights that evoke feelings of Easter eggs and sweet little spring chicks!
I am using it to create some bedding patterns, and a new skirt pattern (that is yet to be completed.)
But as soon as I make a blouse for Stella, (so she's not topless) I'll show you a picture of her wearing the new skirt, with her "NEW HAIR"! She is soooo excited...although she doesn't always show her enthusiasm outwardly:)
She looks so different now... she's like a brand new person, or should I say 'pseudo -person'. It's amazing what a new "do" and a new color will do for a girl...isn't it? Not that I didn't love her hot pink spikey look...she was sort of "edgey", wasn't she? \(can you tell I am having way too much fun with the whole Stella thing?)

Anyhow, the fabric will be available in the spring...which will be just around the corner!

Sort of.

Here's a little sneak peek of one of the pillows and a bit of the bedding in two new patterns for the home, coming on the scene soon.


See you later... I have to sew some stuff.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Storybook Perfect


This is what I found in Switzerland...(I was just there for a few days, kind of out of the blue.)

It's just what you would imagine. It seems that not much has changed in this spectacular spot on the planet, it's still idyllic in almost every way. There are cows and sheep and rolling hills and little carved wooden houses with those typically Swiss roofs, with the flowers on the window sills and painted shutters. (I wish that I had taken more pictures of those things. I was too busy gazing, and not shooting!)
Of course there are also the very modern cities mixed in, but the old villages and architecture are still very much present and well taken care of.

I went with my husband...he was there on business; I was there for pleasure only:) We also went with my daughter's husband's parents, if you can follow that. He works with my husband in a legitimate business based in Switzerland, and she is my partner in crime. we spent some quality time visiting the local hot spots for shopping, which was way too much fun. (And waaaay too expensive!) We also sampled a lot of chocolate and cheese! It's always fun hanging out with Joan, because we share a granddaughter in common...which gives us plenty to talk about! This is Joan, above, standing next to one of the beautiful fountains that you can see all over Switzerland. They are just lovely! (And so is she!)
Here's another one of Joan...on a bridge going into Solothurn.

This is a picture of Kerstin and Jorgen, who were our hosts and the chaueffers for all of our outings. They spoiled us rotten, fed us like Kings, and showed us all of the beauty of this amazing country. They are the owners of the software company my husband works for, Wendia. But mostly, they are our dear friends. They live in Switzerland part of the time, and Denmark the rest of the time. How would it be??? Oh, and these are their two beloved dogs, although you can't see the big one behind. They take them everywhere!

But now I'm home, and busy with all the run of the mill stuff that being home inplies, but I'm also really busy with quilt market preparations, which have me in a whirlwind at the present. I am sewing every day from morning till night, and editing and re-editing my new patterns, getting them ready to send to the printer. I'm planning the booth space, getting all my displays figured out, and getting Stella all gussied up for her next appearance! She is very excited, I think, and maybe a little nervous! She's thinking about a new hair color, and maybe a new style. Hmmmmm. Decisions, decisions! And what should she wear???
Remember Stella? Here she is again.

...But mostly I am enjoying using some of my new fabric: Eden! It came while I was in Switzerland, and it has been so much fun to play with!

I will post some pictures of it tomorrow, when the sun is up, and lighting is good for picture taking.

Hope all is well with everyone in "Blogworld"...hope you are enjoying the last days of summer weather, and looking forward to ....dare I say it....Halloween!?!
(Please no, not yet! I always dread the whole costume dilemma...the changing of the minds, the frantic search for parts and pieces; the last minute runs to the stores for the last minute know what I mean??? the drama of it all has me tired already!)
I'm trying to graciously say goodbye to my favorite time of year, trying not to be sad that the isles of the stores are turning orange and black overnight. Trying to adjust my attitude, and look for the good.

Ahhhh...I know, PUMPKIN SOUP! A family tradition on Halloween night! When the time comes around, I'll share my recipe with you. It's FAB-U-LOUS.

Have a wonderful week!