Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pink Fig Scores Again

Check out this adorable shot of Olivia in Soire'e!
She is just adorable, isn't she? You know you can get this pattern soon...from Pink Fig Patterns/VCB design.
And here's a shot of the Retro "Groovy" Bag done in a coordinating blue/yellow/green combination:

How is everyone's weekend going? I hope it has been restful, and you are looking forward to spring coming. I am sooo ready for that! I went to Cabo with some friends, see photos down the page a ways) and came home to bitter snow. Freezing temps. Grey skies.
Then to top it all off, my whole tan peeled off. Why? I am cursed with that English paleness and freckles.
My friend Jackie? Her tan is still luminous and dewy smooth. So not fair.
Sorry for complaining...actually I am just very grateful that I got to go at all, and it really was the most restful vacation I've ever had.

Now...back to work!

Have a great Sunday...

Friday, March 20, 2009

UPS truck= Big Smile, frantic rush to door

I love the UPS guy. He alsmost always brings good things. Except for the few exceptions like when the swimsuit I ordered from Speigel comes and it looks HORRIFIC on me, I'm almost always happy with what he brings me. I don't know his name, but I do know the sound of his truck. When I hear that sound, I drop what I'm doing and run to the door, racing my kids to get there. (They like him too.)
I'm a lot like a dog who salivates when he hears the rustle of the dog food bag, or the cat who comes running into the kitchen whenever she hears the sound of the electric can opener. I'm like the little kid who waits all day for the icecream truck to come to their street...and today I was not dissappointed!

My new fabric collection for Moda, Santorini came today, and now I'm cooking up all sorts of plans for it. Here's a little peek:

Hold that thought...what are these???

Let's just say there are lots of new patterns on their way to the printer soon. Check back soon for more sneak peeks!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pink Fig Rocks!

Chelsea Andersen of Pink Fig patterns/VCB design just continues to pump out the cuteness! Here she features my Soire'e fabric in some adorable new spring outfits, and some "darling" embellished jeans! Gotta love that...and I do.
Check out her blog for more great stuff.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Snazzy Bag and it's sister

I decided that I wanted to do a variation on the original Snazzy Bag design, featuring my Soire'e Honeybun strips.
I played around with it a bit, and here it is.

I have created the downloadable version and posted it up on the right sidebar. Just scroll down a ways, it's below the other patterns listed for sale. It's free for a limited hurry and get your copy!

Oh and here is the link for the honeybuns again:

And another good one:
I hope you will enjoy this fun bag! I've been enjoying mine...

UPDATE: (April 8th) This free-for-a-limited-time pattern has been up on my blog for over a month, with over 7400 downloads! I have now removed it and will be posting it on the right sidebar with the other patterns for sale, as soon as they are back from the printer. If you missed the free offer, I'm sorry! But you can still get the pattern! I worked really hard on it.

Thanks for your support,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

It's not that I don't enjoy my life here at home, in the cold, in the gloom. It's just that it's not fair that in some places, it looks like this year round. Why don't I live HERE?

Cabo San Lucas was...amazing. Enchanting. Warm, beautiful, seductively captivating. I didn't want to come back. Except...alas, I missed my babies.
But other than that, I was ready to become a citizen. I think I forgot my phone number, my bank account number, my social security number, and practically my name. I actually learned to speak spanish fluently. My name is now Lila, pronounced Leela, (long e for the i). I eat catus now. It's pretty good.

Here are a few more shots of why I didn't want to come home:
The pool where I spent many hours reading New Moon (again). And below, the view down to the beach from the terrace. Ohhhh...

Since I didn't have access to any of my files while I was there, I couldn't get any work done. (Darn.) So I have spent just about every waking moment since I've been back on the Snazzy Bag pattern for you folks to be able to try out. It's almost done now. Just a few little tweaks.
But it's really hard to concentrate on working, when all I want to do is imagine myself back there.

This is the pizza that I had for breakfast one morning. Then I went for a very long walk on the beach. Very long.

That's me having a delicious Diet Coke in Cabo. It tastes better there.

And By the way...what's up with my frizzed out hair? Humidity and I are not friends.

I know this is probably getting boring for ya'll. Sorry. I'll get back to work now. But can you blame me?I just want to thank my dear friends Jackie and Kirk for inviting Hal and I to their unbelievably breathtaking home in Cabo for an entire week. (Here they are, basking in the rays on the beach.)
We couldn't have had more fun, or have been to a more perfect location. It was divine. I owe you guys BIG time.
I could make Jackie another Juicy knockoff...but somehow I don't think that quite cuts it.