Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Quilt Market was good times!

My crazy silly group of travel partners. We did have fun!

This is part of my Eden booth.

International Quilt Market was, as usual, fabulous and exhausting! I had a great time, but spent far too many hours lost on the freeways, stuck in the UPS hub, stranded in the rain and the heat and the steam and the cold, (the weather was very unstable), and lamenting my "Houston Hair", as it has come to be known whenever I visit there. I have never laughed so hard, sweat so much, or eaten so little. Well, unless you count Smarties as food.
It was great having my baby sister Lucy Morey there with her own booth:

(Hot Scott Booth )

(My sisters Laura, Lucy and me in Lucy's booth.)

"Hot Scott Designs" which is a hip, trendy brand new BOY'S pattern design company, soon to be fabrics as well, and my "older" sister Laura Aston, who manned my booth with me, and was an incredible help and support to me from beginning to end. AND of course my wonderful funny niece Chelsea of Pink Fig patterns (see photo below) was there to inspire us all with her awesome girly pattern designs. Lucy and Chelsea each brought their best buddies along to help them with their booths and we all shared a hotel, rental car, U-haul, candy bowls, and lots of laughs over the course of the 5 days we were together.

Pink Fig's girly booth!

This is Heidi Porth of They have a fabulous online shop with a huge selection, for all of your fabric and pattern needs!
Enough of the quickies.
I promise to show you lots of great eye candy in the form of booths, fabrics, accessories and familiar faces. First I have to find my camera! (Soooo typical)

I will be informing you of the winners shortly!


Annelies Dease said...

Fun to hear about Market....and still keeping fingers crossed that I could possibly win all that great yummy fabric. In fact I have had my fingers crossed for so long they ache (G)!!! Glad you are back..... XXX Annie

Pina said...

Hi Lila
Glad to have you back, Sounds like you had a great time... now please please please draw the winner, it seams like forever haha. Don't forget some photos please.
PS oh and yeh I understand where your coming from with the hair

Crafty Mama said...

Great pictures, it looks like you had lots of fun!

Kim D. said...

Market sounds wonderful, some day I'll make it to Houston, I'm shooting for next year. Looking forward to more photo's and a winner of your gorgeous fabric.

Tiffany said...

I am so interested in the hot scott design patterns. I have a boy and a girl and find it difficult to find good patterns for little boys, except for ottobre of course. Your new fabrics are lovely, and I love all your patterns!

Jenny Plumb said...

That looked absolutely so fun! A boy's pattern line is wonderful since they are hard to find.

Andrea said...

Now you know why women in Texas have big hair! We have to use lots of hairspray because of this crazy weather! Yesterday 92, today 75. But, what's not to love! Went to the quilt show yesterday, awesome!

Barb Elder said...

Looks like a great time. So fun to have your sisters their. As always I hope it went well and the best of luck to you. I think you are amazing!!

the Material Girls Quilts said...

I made them? You should be impressed, since I finish very little. Sold out of the patterns this weekend! I am working on your skirt, I'll post when I finish! Love the new line and have it ordered for the shop!!
Your awesome!

Shellie said...

What an awesome booth! You have great ideas and display them wonderfully! Seems so exciting!! Thanks for sharing.

colourdujour said...

I love all the pictures of quilt market. Oh how I wish I go sometime. Heidi is a great gal, I got to meet her last month at her, when picked up my order in person. Quilt Home is the best!

Shaunab said...

do you have thhhis skirt ready yet??? I love it and want to make it.

fourkid said...

What a great blog - you are soooo talented. I was trying to find info on the hot scott designs - google will have noe of it - I NEED that pattern for that satchel - is it from hot scott designs - or other?
Please let me know. my e-mail is: