Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two new Patterns coming soon...

I thought I'd give you a sneek peek at what i've been up to the last little while...I've shown a little here and there, but these are the final cover shots for my two newest patterns, soon to be available!
Hopefully it will inspire some of you moms of girls to redo their bedroom! could make a few new pillows for a window seat or something.
Even if you've never attempted to make bedding before, you can be brave and try these patterns, because they explain everything! There are even ideas for customizing store-bought linens with fabric and trim.
Anyway, I'll stop blabbing on and on and you can have a look for yourself!



Check back soon to purchase these patterns...just waiting on the printer!

Have a great weekend!


Pina said...

How cute is that I really do love that green.
Tell me Lila are you going to take the bed to market??? lol

April said...

My little girl still sleeps in a crib, but you can be sure when she has a big girl bed this pattern will be ready and waiting!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Those are great patterns and they look wonderful in YOUR fabric.

clare's craftroom said...

Such pretty stuff . I've just been looking at your Eden range below , very beautiful !

Karen said...

Beautiful! How can I find out how much fabric the bedding pattern takes? I'd like to have it ready and waiting :-)

Natalie said...

OH! Love the beddding! And you named it after me...I'm flattered!