Thursday, September 3, 2009

Storybook Perfect


This is what I found in Switzerland...(I was just there for a few days, kind of out of the blue.)

It's just what you would imagine. It seems that not much has changed in this spectacular spot on the planet, it's still idyllic in almost every way. There are cows and sheep and rolling hills and little carved wooden houses with those typically Swiss roofs, with the flowers on the window sills and painted shutters. (I wish that I had taken more pictures of those things. I was too busy gazing, and not shooting!)
Of course there are also the very modern cities mixed in, but the old villages and architecture are still very much present and well taken care of.

I went with my husband...he was there on business; I was there for pleasure only:) We also went with my daughter's husband's parents, if you can follow that. He works with my husband in a legitimate business based in Switzerland, and she is my partner in crime. we spent some quality time visiting the local hot spots for shopping, which was way too much fun. (And waaaay too expensive!) We also sampled a lot of chocolate and cheese! It's always fun hanging out with Joan, because we share a granddaughter in common...which gives us plenty to talk about! This is Joan, above, standing next to one of the beautiful fountains that you can see all over Switzerland. They are just lovely! (And so is she!)
Here's another one of Joan...on a bridge going into Solothurn.

This is a picture of Kerstin and Jorgen, who were our hosts and the chaueffers for all of our outings. They spoiled us rotten, fed us like Kings, and showed us all of the beauty of this amazing country. They are the owners of the software company my husband works for, Wendia. But mostly, they are our dear friends. They live in Switzerland part of the time, and Denmark the rest of the time. How would it be??? Oh, and these are their two beloved dogs, although you can't see the big one behind. They take them everywhere!

But now I'm home, and busy with all the run of the mill stuff that being home inplies, but I'm also really busy with quilt market preparations, which have me in a whirlwind at the present. I am sewing every day from morning till night, and editing and re-editing my new patterns, getting them ready to send to the printer. I'm planning the booth space, getting all my displays figured out, and getting Stella all gussied up for her next appearance! She is very excited, I think, and maybe a little nervous! She's thinking about a new hair color, and maybe a new style. Hmmmmm. Decisions, decisions! And what should she wear???
Remember Stella? Here she is again.

...But mostly I am enjoying using some of my new fabric: Eden! It came while I was in Switzerland, and it has been so much fun to play with!

I will post some pictures of it tomorrow, when the sun is up, and lighting is good for picture taking.

Hope all is well with everyone in "Blogworld"...hope you are enjoying the last days of summer weather, and looking forward to ....dare I say it....Halloween!?!
(Please no, not yet! I always dread the whole costume dilemma...the changing of the minds, the frantic search for parts and pieces; the last minute runs to the stores for the last minute know what I mean??? the drama of it all has me tired already!)
I'm trying to graciously say goodbye to my favorite time of year, trying not to be sad that the isles of the stores are turning orange and black overnight. Trying to adjust my attitude, and look for the good.

Ahhhh...I know, PUMPKIN SOUP! A family tradition on Halloween night! When the time comes around, I'll share my recipe with you. It's FAB-U-LOUS.

Have a wonderful week!



pina refat said...

Hi Lila
wow Switzerland...I have to agree the architecture looks unbelievable, and the shopping... who looks at the price tag when your on holidays lol
Hugs Pina

Chelsea said...

I love going to Switzerland out of the blue!

Whatever!!! You know I'm jealous.

Beautiful pictures and I love your new line Eden too! I just made the Nie Nie skirt with it and it is TDF:)

Alice and Co said...

With all the nice things you must have seen during your stay in Switzerland, I bet you have some new ideas for a futur line of fabric!!
Bisous de France (kisses from France)

April said...

So fun! I'm totally jealous--I've been to France but not Switzerland. I'm excited to see your new patterns :)

laura said...

I'm sitting in an airport right now waiting to board a plane and checked out your blog. I thought, what a beautiful countryside, I wonder where she was? Then I had to laugh as Switzerland will be our last stop on this trip (Amsterdam first, and then Germany). This will be my third trip to Switzerland (Hans' brother lives in Geneva) but I've never seen the country. Now I know what I've been missing.

Aubrey said...

looks like you had fun, good for you! I'm trying to buck up and bid my beloved summer away with some kind of grace... my kids want to be monsters for halloween. I think they are kind of opinionated for 3 year olds, myself. :)