Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things that make you go "Hmmmmm":

(That's me on the left, my high school boyfriend in the middle. and the girl he cheated on me with on the right.)

Yes, it's true. It has been 30 years since I graduated from High School. On Friday night I went to my 30 year reunion "extravaganza" (East High School, Salt Lake City, Utah), and...hmmmmm.

Let's just say that after 30 years, things start catching up with most of us. It's hard to keep the inevitable results of Father Time at bay after 30 years, and, well, those years were now pretty evident on everyone's faces... (and elsewhere!)

Myself included. When they show those old pictures from High school, you really start to realize just how much things have changed.

And how little. Most of my old classmates that were there have exactly the same personality and lifestyle that they did when they were teenagers, oh so long ago. The wild ones are still wild, (sort, the studious ones are still studying away, The quiet ones are still quiet, the wallflowers were there, clinging to the wall... you get the idea.

I have to say, with a couple of notable exceptions, it was the "hotties" in high school, I mean the really hunky, handsome guys, who sort of took a collective turn for the worse. In a big way.
The girls still look pretty darn good. I'm not sure why, really.
It could be the subject of someone's master's thesis, if anyone's looking for a good idea.

I was actually really relieved when they didn't give out an award for the person with the youngest child, because I would've won that one, for sure. And there was this teeny tiny girl there, who hasn't aged a single day since high school who beat me in the "person with the most kids" category: she has NINE. Made me feel SO much better.

Anyway, had my camera not been broken I would have taken a couple pictures to document the evening. As it is, I will have to wait until someone sends me the pictures they took. I will say that for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, seeing all my old friends, catching up on all that's occurred over the last long while, and I'm glad I went. I'm not sure my husband can say any of those things, poor guy. Being the spouse at a High school reunion is torture, to put it mildly. He took it really well.

One fun note: if you have ever seen High School Musical, (I think I've seen it about, oh...45 times maybe), well my high school is where that was filmed. Our class reunion was right there in that same room where they do the big dance together. It is, in fact, East High. The colors are in fact red and white. Zac Efron stood in the very spot where I stood the other night. I felt his presence there, in my heart. (haha)

So, as you can see, it was quite the eye opener for me. I think I could write a documentary now on the long term effects of wild living vs. clean living, and why the old saying : "Once a cheerleader always a cheerleader" still holds true, at least from my perspective.

I will spare you any further elaboration.
I think I'm going to take up marathon running, and get some sort of laser treatment scheduled.

...Or not.

Have a lovely week!



Andi said...

OMG!!! Your 30th???
I'm about to go to my 20th and I don't look even half as good as you.
You must have been pretty pleased with yourself, looking so fab!!!

Kim said...

I just had my 30th too, but my husband didn't go to his and had no desire to go to mine. Oh well. I'm glad you had such a great time and how fun to be from East High.

Wendy said...

What a fun look back. My 30th reunion was this year too. How can I be that old?

rachel griffith said...

glad you had a fun filled evening.
how neat that hsm was gilmed at your old school.

you look SO darn good to be going to your 30th reunion.
my 10 year reunion will be in 2011.

LyndiLou said...

You are just too fun! I love that you felt Zac Efron's presence at your reunion! :) I would love to read your "HS: 30 Years Later" thesis. ;)

The Wooly Wumpus said...

I'm 12 years away from my 30th, but I have to say the 10th anniversary was a bit of a jolt. Hee hee. And yes, high school reunions are pure torture for spouses!

Nan Bright said...

Wow! I went to Olympus High School. Wasn't able to go to my 30th this year because I now live in Kansas City. Small world.

Kelly said...

It was so great to be there with you! Buzz and I noticed the same thing about "you are who you were", and that the gals were still holding it together better than the guys! haha We'll see how we look in 10 more years!?!!

laura said...

My 30th was last year. Luckily Hans is a very good sport and has no problem going to these things with me (my Ex-husband was not!).Something I've noticed with the passing years is that a lot of the wild kids ended up being the strictest parents in the world, the quiet studious guys are very successful men with beautiful wives and the popular jocks aren't so hot anymore! I was very bland back then so I didn't have much to live up to! I'm glad of that.

Anonymous said...

wow I hope you don't get some of the people you catorgized angry with you. Where do you classify yourself in those categories?
Men for the most part have a much more physical job than us ladies do I think highly of the men and their great strength and to be willing to take the "old
' looks for such diligent work, I love my husband for all he is and does to provide for us, it is very strenuous on him. One son is a Dr. & the other works out in the hot sun day after day, they both are aging in different way with different stresses to aid in their "old
' looks. Thank you Men for making a living for us LADIES..

Chelsea said...

Do I sense a slight crush on Zac? Funny thing, because I have a little thing for him. He's only, what 11 years younger than me!

I just watched him in 17 Again 3 times in one night! Finally at about 4am I decided to turn it off and be done with it!

~love said...

oh, my girls love HSM! =)

we just had my 10th reunion and it really is a fascinating thing to go observe. i agree with everything you said! i'd totally want to research it more if i wasn't working on getting babies #5 and 6 here! =) oh, and that reminds me that i totally won the "most kids" award. the most anyone else had that was there was TWO. =)

Rita said...

I hope you don't get some of the people you categorize angry with you.


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Anonymous said...

cool story. I experienced the same as you at my 30th (8 yrs ago)...the hunks were the worst for wear, where as the girls not so much. would be a good thesis as you stated. funny!

Lila Tueller said...

Hi Anonymous...I just have to reply to this. To answer your question...I was sort of boring and invisible in High school. I wasn't one of the popular ones, but I had friends in all of those categories, as well as others not mentioned. I wasn't making fun of any of them...and if I was to categorize myself, I would have to say I was a somewhat observant and philosophical person, and probably more of a "wallflower" than any of the others I listed.
But anyway, this post was sort of written in fun, or "tongue-in-cheek", as they say. Not to be taken too seriously. Sorry if I offended anyone! Didn't mean to.


Lila Tueller said...

Oh, I meant the first anonymous reader.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were hot then and I still do.

All my love,


Anna Bartlett said...

I made a wrap with some of your fabric a month or so ago, and have really enjoyed finding your blog tonight! I love reading about people like me who also work into the night because that's just the way it has to be - and oh, who doesn't love Zac too! I'm very impressed that East High is your old school. I very much doubt that my old highschool is movie material!

Steph said...

Funny I have found the same thing with the hot guys from high school and college. My new advice to the youth girls at my church is "don't exclude the nerdy boys (you know, the ones from the chess club), because in 15 years they will be handsome and successful, and that hot guy will have wrinkles and might still be living at home."

Luckily my husband was hot then and now!