Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh...I am so sorry for being a bad blogger! Not that you can't function just fine without my posts...haha. I just feel bad that I haven't got a single thing to blog about! Work work and more work. That's all it is. Nothing cool, nothing spectacularly wonderful.
Oh wait...but... school will be starting soon, and my last child is going to be in 1st grade!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS???

"nuff said."

Take er easy...


April said...

I totally get it. It's amazing how busy the last few weeks of summer are. We just got back from NYC with 18 month old twins. Let me tell ya, that takes some hunkering down and recovering.

Hey, I was just thinking, if you ever want some help fixing your header so that it doesn't overlap the side of your blog, I could help with that. Just email me at aprilrosenthal at gmail dot com.

Good luck! April

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I'm sure it will be quite different for you with the last of all the kids in first grade. Enjoy these last days of summer.
I wanted to tell you I took Snazzy Bag on a shop hop today and got lots of inquiries as to the designer!!!

clare's craftroom said...

My youngest is starting high school next year , it only seems like last week I was walking her into kindergarten !!! I was looking at your post below , your mum looks incredible at 80 ! Lucky for you if it runs in the family .


Always wonderful to hear from you! You are fantastically wonderful and such an inspiration to us mommies just starting out with mommyhood and trying to release our creative energy at the same time (often sewing through the night). We only have three kiddos so far~nothing compared to your seven (kids ages are 3, 2, and 9M here) but know that you are inspiring so many of us around the nation with your "nothing cool" life! LOVE AND HUGS AND BEAUTIFUL CRAFTY THOUGHTS TO YOU!!! ~Tara