Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cali to see Halle (again)

Babies in sunhats...why do I live in Utah???

(Natalie and Halle , Newport Beach, July 4th, 2009)

Well friends, It's good to be home, but it would have been great to have stayed a little longer! The beach at Malibu is still calling me, and I am left to close my eyes and pretend I'm still there. It was a wonderful, short trip to see my little Halle Rose! It's true she was here in Utah to visit me only a couple of weeks ago, but Grandmas can never get enough!

This is little Halle wearing the Santorini skirt I made for her. (She's also a sucker for jewelry...had to be wearing a necklace whenever possible.)

Kissing cousins?!? (How cute is that?) This is Halle and her little cousin Carson, sharing a smooch! Or is it Tyler? I could never tell, they are the most identical twins I have ever seen!

Girls having fun in the sun...Halle would run straight for the water. No fear at all. She would get knocked over by the waves, get completely submerged, and come up laughing and choking...not one bit scared. We had to watch her like a hawk!

Malibu Beach, July 6
Oh, it was sweet.

But, alas, I am home again, and back in the proverbial saddle/computer chair! (No picture of that, thankfully.)

Why oh why does time have to fly when you are having fun???
Who made that rule?
(We need to talk, him and me. And not just about that.)

...Hope your summer is sweet too.


April said...

Looks like you had a great time! Lucky you that you are able to make the trip so often! We're excited you're back. :)

Heather said...

Glad you had a great trip - sounds look it could have been longer - but isn't that always the case. Thanks for sharing all the cute pics.

The Zeediks said...

Gone too soon.... As always! Move here please! It was soo very great to see you all. I love you and miss you already and Halle has asked about you everyday since you left!

jaybird said...

looks like lots of fun!
i'm off to cali in a week and 1/2 and i can't wait!! my 2 year old nephew lives there and i miss him sooo much!!