Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time for a Contest! I've been on break for a few daughter Brittney and her baby Halle have been here visiting, and I have been seriously distracted! But I am ready now for a giveaway.

I have an item from my stash that I am willing to part with, if you can help me come up with a new idea for a colorway for my next fabric line. I have to get busy designing now, and I am seriously stumped! Keep in mind this is a fall collection. I need at least four main colors to work with. If you can give me an example by referring me to a picture on a website, that might help even more.

Here is what I will give away to the winner:Not the little dress, although that may be in another contest...but the long skirt Stella has on.

This skirt is the "Athena" Skirt from one of my new patterns. It is made in "Santorini", size 6, to fit a 38" hip measurement (fullest part), and is about 36" long.

Make sure to leave your email adress, and a link on your blog (if you have one) to my blog.
I will choose the colorway that excites me the most, and fits my design concept the best! You never could be yours!


Diana Hulme said...

Lila, here are some of my latest favorite color combos for fall - via Southern Weddings blog:

I think they are both so gorgeous...hope it helps! :)

Natys said...

Hey really like this contest

I think brick red, some ocher/orange , a brigth green and a dark yellow

Love this terra colors

Heather said...

I have been digitally scrapbooking lately and one of my favourite color combos are the ones I used on this page:

I hope these links work :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Can't wait to see you new line!!!

Allie said...

I can't find a picture like what's in my head. A combo of these is close. I also want a little pale golden yellow.

Can't wait to see what you do!

Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

My favorite fall colors are pomegranate, chocolate brown, olive green and burnt sienna would be a beautiful color combination! I will have to send you an email with the pictures...I can't quite figure out the linking thing!

Firefly said...

I love a pretty shade of vibrate orange against a contrasting brilliant blue sky color. A dark green and a deep chocolate brown possibly for the other two colors. Though the right color yellow looks neat as an accent but I don't think I personally like that color enough to have it the main color.

Inspirational color combination. You can feel and smell autumn.

Karen said...

Ok, so the skirt won't fit me but here are my color ideas... and I happen to keep a Benjamin Moore fandeck in my desk: Navy, Smoke Grey (green undertone), rusty pumpkin and chartreuse. BM sweet vibrations 391, BM Corlsbud Canyon 076, New Providence Navy 1651 and Sage Mountain 1488. You should be able to pull these up on their website... have fun!

Wendy said...

Well there is no way I am going to get into that size 6 skirt, but I would love to help you with your colorway.

Fall lines are usually so somber. They need to remember that the sky is especially vibrant that time of year and colors of changing leaves are anything but dull.

So here is my suggestion: A really beautiful deep sky blue, scarlet and a pumpkin orange, and a pale pale yellow orange (like squash) or pine green for the unchanging evergreens.,5a98fa,f7daaa,4a5824,6b0e04; If this link works, look at the first picture. It is a glass window in Barcelona.

CJ said...

I love this Basic Grey line of scrapbook paper and I think the solids would be fabulous in a fabric line. Some chocolate, some red, some orange and some teal...mmmmm.

Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

I would love to see a collection using orange, gray and turquoise. (a blue that would go) You could always add some red and yellow in too. Goo luck with your new line.

Andi said...

Lovinv grey at the moment.
What do you think of this?
Andi :-)

rachel griffith said...

here is my colorway:
sour apple green
pumpkin orange
chocolate brown
cranberry red
plum purple

hope you likey!!!

Lori said...

My oldest is getting married in 9 days and we have been looking at this blog for ideas.

Here is a some colorways, I like for fall:
the first orange, browns, grays and greens.

this one with gold, red, browns and oranges

Melissa said...

I like a grayish turquoise a good red and a deep yellow.. like the cupcakes on this page
There are not very many fabrics with GOOD reds!! Lots of pinks but not too many reds.
Moda mailed me your santorini line to "play" with I made a diaper bag. When i can post it (in July) i'll send you a link... it was really fun to work with.

Natalia said...

I love your giveaway idea, I am totally into blues, browns and orange and red! Good luck! I can only imagine how dificult it could be to design a fabric line!

~Natalia Bonner

Christie said...

Burnt Orange, Ochre Yellow, Turquoise and Emerald Green.

Maybe even throw some Aubergine or Chocolate in there :D

Can't wait to see your new line Lila...all the way from Australia...Christie xo

Jennifer said...

Orange, Brown, Green, Yellow said...

olive, eggplant, berry, golden yellow

Jeannine said...

Oooh! I think a combo that is predominantly cocoa with turquoise, cherry red, and lime is both autumnal and unexpected. And I would adore that skirt. It is just my size! (I do not have a blog to link to you, but I will check back to see if I have won and e-mail my info if necessary!)

The Robbins Nest said...

Chocolate brown, green (like chartruese (or however you spell that), black and white.

Pina Refat said...

Hi Lila
Ok I've been wondering where been, LOL
Ok I like burnt orange, deep cherry, yellow here is a link (i hope)
Good luck with it
[ More from ]

sweeter than cupcakes said...

My pick would be purple, lavender, yellow, and orange. Thanks for the chance to win.

cousette said...

I'd say a pale mauve

a purple

a kaki green

and a pale green

the result of the 4 would be that:


Lydia said...

I love this color combination, I came across this site months ago and finally found it again this morning

Heather said...

How pretty! Please count me in!

Taya said...

I love fall colors, especially barn red, mustard yellow and olive green.I think this picture is beautiful and has a couple unusual colors for fall. This picture has a touch of light pink and light blue and it is a great contrast to the other vibrant colors.

Heather said...

ooops...forgot to put the colors

red,orange, brown and yellow

CocoJ126 said...

I'll go totally out, grey, real true crisp purple and KELLY GREEN! Fall is so black and grey and always needs a punch of color.

Like this skirt...but if it were a sweater vest...with a kelly green floral pin on it.[]=tags&includes[]=title

(that's not my Etsy shop or anybody's I know by the way)

Stella's skirt will fit me and my long legs...with a brown tank!

Thanks for letting me play!

gail said...

Hi,, I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I love your designs and art. You are so talented! I have really enjoyed your blog and your inspiration. Have a pretty day.
Happy creating, gail

PS: my color choice are a mustard yellow, pumpkin orange, an orangy red and a sage green. :)

Sadie Loraine said...

Red, Turquoise, Orange, Green, and Beige.

Sadie Loraine said...

Oh yes, I forgot.

Anonymous said...

Pinkish red, granny smith apple green, gold orange, and cocoa brown.

Dolores McCune

trudys_person said...

I love purple and green together, and I think orange would be a great highlight - I'm thinking deep colours for a fall/winter palette, but not dull colours!

Cheri Cerny said...

Have you EVER been to the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC?? Well, here are your colors:

If nothing else, you will love the accent from this young guy...

I love the home and how the color of it stands out from the fall plants... LOVE THESE!! This home is full of inspiration!!!

Srinity said...

I think these picture shows beautiful colours of the fall, purple, yellow, orangy red and green. :)

Rebecca said...

I LOVE that skirt - so generous of you to share!

My choice would be lilac, brown, aqua, and blue. Here's a couple pics of some jewlery a cousin of mine designed that I hope inspire you:

Little Miss Shabby said...

Ever since I saw this digital scrapbook collection, I thought it would be stunning as fabric:

This was another one that I thought would be awesome as fabric--I love the corals/browns/blue & that fab limey green.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

carina said...

First of all I love that denim skirt you wore at the quilt market also. Well for my favorite color combinations, I like apple red, bright orange, yellow orange and lime green.

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Lt. grey, Aubergine, burnt orange, Brick red.

If you don't use it, I'm going to....when I become a famous fabric designer......someday...maybe???

Anonymous said... generous of you. That is such a pretty skirt. I love the blues in your collection, too! Just lovely.

Thanks for letting me enter.
Angie H

Lisa said...

This is my suggestion. I love these colors for fall

Maroon Pantone 181 CS
Orange Pantone 165 CS
Yellowish Pantone 141 CS
Brown Pantone 168 CS
(all the colors are on page 2)

BTW, the skirt would fit me!! :)

stacysews said...

I'm in a chocolate brown, pink, hint of blue phase right now. I'm not usually a fan of browns, but they're really looking attractive lately!

Anonymous said...

Lila, I love your fabrics. I wear a lot of black so I'd love to see a color way in black, white and another color, say red or royal blue.

Jill said...

I love love love love LOVE your work and down to earth personality!!! Really! I'm pretty new to the fabric/sewing world but you have been a HUGE inspiration to me! It seems like there is nothing that you can't make! I feel encouraged to try new things when I see all your purses and boots and skirts! I just finished my first skirt, so thanks!

Um, well colors, I can tell you love bright, which is why I love what you do. I have the same funky fun going on, but I think for fall I really like the colors of... ready... the background of my family blog! Silly huh! But they are great for fall and go well together! See here...

It's a scrapbook page that I just changed the colors to... kinda fun.

Anyways thanks again for sharing your talent and helping my mind to get going!


LilyHaven said...

Oh goodness! That beautiful skirt would fit me perfectly. :)

For Fall I think the colors should be rich, but still happy and bright. I love the combination of burnt orange, light pink, pea green and a salmon or coral with a touch of yellow and white. Here's an example:

Here's another example that shows the burnt orange with the light pink, but with more muted accent colors (taupe and cream):

I'm really loving the hues of orange and pink for Fall.

Good luck w/your next line of fabrics. I can't wait to see it. I know it will be stunning.


LilyHaven said...

It's me again. I forgot to put my contact info in my last post.

Thank you!

LauraT said...

I really like this site for color and how it breaks down:

I love your fabrics ~ very fun!!
Laura T

Obsessed Nut said...

I can't wait to see what you will come up with!!! I like kind of olive green, dusty plum, burgundy, and deep orange for fall colors. I couldn't find a picture so I just set 4 colors togerther myself (though they might look a little different on your screen - you know how them monitors are...)


Darcy said...

Well the size 6 won't fit me but that is my goal size. :)

I love Fall and all the pretty colors but thought about going away from all the oranges and browns, I really like purples for Fall. This image was something I used for a layout.

Here is another one

Navy is also popular for Fall,

I can't wait to see what you do. We will have to wait about a year, right? :(

Darcy Baier

Darcy said...

Sorry here is a bigger image of the second one


Natalija said...

I do not hope to win (there are so many great options alredy :), but I do hope that one of these 2 pics will inspire you:



Good luck to all the ladies!

stitchsavesnine (at) yahoo (dot) com

jodi said...

Ok so fo me fall is all about the colors changing, so I love the deep purple that red maples become and the brilliant oranges and golds from other maple trees. These are set off so beautifully by the deep browns and greens around them. so many fall fabrics go with all th colors in the deep rih tones, but nature shows us we need bright happy colors before the onset of long cold barren winters.

sewing_passion said...

For fall I love burnt orange (like on this banner, Benjamin Moore smouldering red, chocolate brown, Benjamin Moore blackraspberry, stormy sky blue/grey (like the one here with the couple on the beach)and green (Benjamin Moore's Irish Moss or Fiddle Head). The Benjamin Moore colours can be viewed on their website (
Thanks for the chance to win that fabulous skirt.

Anonymous said...

I love turquoise and brown and yellow together.

happyvalleyhome AT yahoo DOT com

MaddyMazeStudio said...

Your fabrics are so pretty. I love the blue colorways with some brown thrown in...super

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the contest!
As for a new colourway for the fall, I think I would be inspired by something like this wool from Three Irish Girls:
Aiden is a glorious mix of greens -- teal, olive, and wasabi -- dark chestnut brown, and small touches of ivory.


Amy Peacock said...

I have been looking for some fabric with a color combination of eggplant, cranberry, blueberry, and turquoise. I love how turquoise gives such a pop and the others are so warm. Good luck in your search.

Cheryl Day said...

Hi Lila
love to keep up with your blog and your cute family.... good luck with your fall designs, sounds really impressive. You are amazing.
For group one....I am thinking along the lines of Eggplant, Cantalope/melon color,a deep lemon yellow, and a medium to deep olive green.....
For a group two...I would go with a deep crimson, California Poppy Orange, a deep lemon, and a forrest green.....
Whatever you do will be fantastic!
All the best to you and your family. Hope to see you on the
Sincerely, Cheryl Day

Anonymous said...

I think your recent trip (to Cabo was it?) could be a great inspiration. There are some great blues, grays, tans, and pinks/reds.