Monday, June 29, 2009

And the Winners Are...

Well, it was really hard, just like I knew it would be! There were so many color combos I loved, and honestly I may have to reserve some for the future, because they were really wonderful. I had to take into consideration factors such as what I know my company will go for: Not too bright, not too modern, as well as other factors.

But after much deliberation, I chose two great colorways. The author of the first one gets the skirt mentioned before, and the second gets a collection of notecards I have made using my designs. I will try to use both colorways in the next collection...but it will take some convincing on my part, as Moda likes to use "crossover" colorways, which may or may not apply here.

All that aside, I hope the winners will recognize their names, and send me an email so I can get their addresses!

To all of you who entered but didn't win, please accept my sincere appreciation to you for your efforts and for your insights! I really enjoyed hearing and seeing your ideas! (All of them!)
You are wonderful!!!


UPDATE: Apparently I got the names switched on the colorway winners, so actually Srinity did colorway #1 and Stephanie did colorway #2! Just like me to do something like that...haha. Sorry girls!
Hey, Stephanie! shoot me an email OK? I need to hear form you!


pina refat said...

Hi Lila
Excellent choice, hope all goes well with the new line and more so that your company comes through on this one with you
Good luck

Heather said...

Congratulations winners - both of those colorways are lovely!!!

April said...

They're beautiful! Just curious, what is the purpose for the double splotches of color on the left, as opposed to just one color. It looks like you have a lighter and darker (but just barely) tint of the colors. Also, what are crossover colorways?

Lila Tueller said...

Hi answer you questions,The colrs are just a lighter and a darker version of themselves. When designing the fabric you can use the whole range from light to dark of any shade, to add depth. I was just sort of showing a little of the range for you to see, not just a flat color.
Crossover colorways are when all of the colorways in a collection can be interchanged with each other and still harmonize. I have to consider if all of the colors would work together in a quilt, or look good in a jellyroll. It's all about their marketing strategy.
To me, these would work, but they may not agree.
Hope that answers your questions!

CJ said...

Lovely choices! I suggest you just design two lines! That would just give Moda something to think about. :D

cousette said...

Especially love the 2nd one! Bravo to the winners, good choice!

LilyHaven said...

Congratulations to the winners! Beautiful colors and simply perfect for Fall. Can't wait to see what you design.


Alice and Co said...

Love these colors, can't wait for you to get a green light from moda so I can use them for some new quilt designs!!
A bientot

Anonymous said...

Awesome colorways! I can already tell that I like the line that will come out!

Leigh said...

I'm a new blog follower so I missed the contest, but those are two awesome colorways! I especially love #2!

Crafty Mom said...

I really love that second one, but with some of the magenta added in for contrast.

Darcy said...

Congratulations to the winners. I really like both colorways. Now to wait and see what you do with them. :) Darcy

Angie Christensen said...

Hello, my name is Angie. I live in Alaska. I'm trying to purchase your pattern for the Bellanca Bag. It's not showing up in your Etsy shop. Are they out of stock or am I being slow in finding it? I'm loving the patterns. I'm not even sure how I'd hear from I check the blog again, or do you email me? I don't know how all of this internet shopping/blog stuff works. my email is
Hope to hear from you soon.

Fat & Sassy said...

I found you by way of Jackie Von Tobel, who had a picture of you on her blog. I clicked the link because you look absolutely adorable and totally up my alley. I'm sooooo glad I did!!! I love your fabrics and will be buying some today!!! I do alllooottt of patchwork on clothing and think it will be beautiful!
Keep up the amazing, inspiring, beautiful creating.

Chelsea said...

Those look scrumptious.

Stephanie said...

I love both of them too! Great choice.

Especially the second one..uh-hum since it's my choice. (wink) Thank you so much for this contest Lila! I had fun looking for inspiration for you.

I can't wait to buy the collection of fabric you will make with my suggestion! How special will this be! (I'll make a quilt with it for sure! It will fit my house perfectly! Oh I can't wait!!)

I do like them both, but still prefer mine, #2 better. hi hi! I'm a bit biaised, that's okay!

I sent you an email Lila. thanks a million!