Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Market pictures I had to Steal

Hello friends,
I have a few more photos for you. Yes, I have been reduced to a photo thief because of my camera problem. I do have permission to steal these, though.

This one, above, is of the Pink Fig Patterns Booth. My dear niece Chelsea Andersen is the brain power behind this awesome designer line of adorable patterns for little girls. Those pictures on the wall are her girls, too. She has great inspiration!

This one above, and the two below are from Amy Butler's fabulous booth, which is always a treat for the senses! She is just soooo amazing...who can dispute that?

This here is miss Patty Young, who you will remember created Andalucia for Michale Miller
and became an over night sensation! Her new line, Mezzanine, is equally as mind-blowing, and here is Patty herself, looking so cute in a tunic made from her own fabric.

More of Patty'e great booth! She also has a line of modern children's patterns that are totally unique to Patty. Aren't they great??

This adorably funky doll was designed by Elinor Peace Bailey for Patty's booth. She's such an amazingly creative artist!
Speaking of "Bailey", here is Heather Bailey (I know you know her) and Laura Gunn, her sis in law, and daughter of Elinor Peace Bailey, mentioned above, and Chelsea of Pink Fig. See that cute fabric on Laura's shirt? Well...that's because she has her own line of fabric now. See below.

Here, below, are two shots of Laura's booth, showing her creativity and her artwork designs now available on fabric by Michael Miller! FABULOUS!

Below is a picture of Joel Dewberry, a fabulous designer for Free Spirit (ya'll should know him!) and a new designer for Free Spirit, Vicki Payne! I absolutely LOVE her new line! Joel has a new line out as well, called Deer Valley. It is classic Joel, with a couple of great florals thrown into the mix. You'll want some!

And here are a couple shots of Valorie Wells and her booth, displaying her awesome line of fabric and patterns!

Here is a picture of Paula Prass' booth for her new line: Summer Soire'e! (sound familiar?)
She is an interior designer gone fabric designer with Michael Miller, and I LOVE her new zebra prints in wild colors! Go Paula!

And last but not least, This is Myrinda Dixon of The Fabric Hound! She is always the life of the party at market...I think EVERYONE there knows her, and it wouldn't be the same at quilt market without her! She's just TOO MUCH FUN!


Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

Stoppin by to say howDEE. Stumbled upon your blog and I love your designs!


Dorothy said...

Wow. I just love your stuff. You have a great blog. Thanks.

Sew Sweet Quilt Shop said...

Love the Market pictures. We are opening (my mom and I), a quilt shop in Brunswick Missouri. We have purchased from Moda and really love your designs. You have a great blog. I look forward to seeing more inspiration.

modkidboutique said...

Lila! I'm just finally making the blog rounds after Quilt Market... can you believe it? I had to pace myself because there were so many blogs I wanted to check out and so many comments I needed to leave... could be a full-time job! LOL!!!

Thanks so much for all the sweet words you said about me, my fabric and my booth. It was an absolute pleasure seeing you again. CONGRATS on your booth prize! You so deserved it!! :)

Till next time,