Saturday, February 21, 2009

Honesty Tagged!

Will Spring EVER come???

I was tagged by Chelsea Andersen of Pink Fig Patterns:
So now I have to tell you 10 honest things about me:

1. I was the 6th child in a family of 9 children. My sixth child nearly died in childbirth. (1998).There was an extremely urgent emergency c-section, without anesthesia. Yes, you read that right.
It's long story, and I guess I could have sued, but I'm just glad my baby girl made it through alive. I'm also glad I made it through alive!
2. I had a near death experience in 2004. Sudden death: It was intense, and really amazing! I am now greatful for every single day...make that moment of my life.
3. My closest brother died in a hiking accident in 2003. I miss him a lot. He lived life the way it should be lived!
4. My mother contracted German measles when she was 3 months pregnant with me. I should be blind or deaf or mentally retarded. Some people still think that last one might actually be the case! I'm pretty sure I can blame all of my flaws on this occurrence.
5. I was married when I was 18 years old, (don't try that at home, please!), had my first child when I was 20, and my seventh child when I was 42. (Don't try that either!)
6. I had a large mole removed from the end of my nose when I was 22.( see #4) Why did I wait till then???
7. My hands look just like a man's hands. I think I may truly be part man. (Once again, see #4.)
8. I am a HUGE fan of diet coke. I know, I know. It's terrible for me! Can't help it.
9. If I am not creating something, I am TERRIBLY bored and grumpy.
10. I was named after my great Aunt Lila who's birthday is the same as mine, and who I take after in many other ways. I had to be born two weeks late to accomplish this feat. I've only met 3 other Lila's in my whole life.

Now I have to tag 7 more blogs. Hmmm...that's gonna take some thought! Hang on...

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Chookyblue...... said...

I had a old relative named Lila.......

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I am also the sixth of nine children.

Robin said...

That's quite a list, Lila.
My aunt, who's gone now, had a near-death experience. She described it as feeling so peaceful that she didn't want to come back.
You're the second Lila I've encountered. My mother lived next door to a woman called Betty. I don't remember now how I found out her name was Lila Elizabeth. She was, of my mother's friends, my all-time favorite -- a dear, dear woman who lived her life and faith beautifully.

Kaerlig said...

I liked reading your list Lila. I already knew some but not all. Your story of C-sec without anesthesia freaks me out. That should not have happened. Oh, and you are not retarded :)

Island Girl said...

#7 - Me too! They are bigger than my husband who is 6 foot tall...I'm just 5' 5"! Not cool. I feel your pain!

the Material Girls Quilts said...

Great read its so fun to learn more about each other. Fabric is still doing fantastic! If you are ever in the area stop by the shop!

The Zeediks said...

I loved reading your list mama. Makes me think about how amazing you are and how thankful I am to have you in my life, not mentally ill and still with me now after that SCARY experience.. I hopw to never go through some of the tragedy's you've been through with your siblings but also hope to somehow become as wonderful as you are... I love you mama and am sooo proud of you.
Also, Lila is very in right now. Camille (from the salon) just named her baby Lila and a girl in my ward out here just did too. Sweet name. xo

Amy said...

I knew a "Lila" once and she was amazing. I would spend the weekends with her when I was a child. She never had any children so me and my sisters were like her adopted grandchildren. She was also a really great crafter. I really miss her. It would be great to have such a positive figure in my life now.

Carli said...

Lila! You are killing me! You are too funny! I cannot imagine having a c-section without the anesthesia. OUCH!!! I had a friend who had twins a few weeks ago and she came very close to having this same thing happen. She got lucky and was able to have an epideral. P.S. I just purchase some of your new fabric and cannot wait to use it. I will send some photos of the final project! I love the fun spring colors! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog. And your fabric. I'm a new employee at Quilthome. I enjoy filling orders to those who order all your stuff. Especially the new Soiree'. It's sooo pretty! Thanks for the inspiration that you're never too old to accomplish your dreams. Cindy

Lila Tueller said...

Thanks, Cindy! I love Quilthome!

jlbessel said...

I have loved your fabric on quilthome (my favorite!)but this is the first time I have visited your blog. Thank you so much for providing a great environment to recover from gallbladder surgery in! I don't feel so bad after all of your close calls. Keep creating, I'll visit often.

The Bellina Family said...

I just bought some of your gorgeous soiree material this weekend to make a dress for my 2 year old daughter. When I saw it in the store I ran to it and then had to stop drooling long enough to pay for it. lol.

Once I was home I looked to see who designed it, and I was so excited to see your daughter's name is also Lila!!

I decided to check out your website, and I just wanted to say that your story is inspiring and your fabrics are just lovely!!

Keep creating!! You're great at what you do!