Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Whatever Happened to GLOBAL WARMING?

I figure if you can't be in Hawaii...at least try to look cute in your snow gear. (And find a nearby trampoline)

Just look at the stack of snow on top of that brick mailbox post! (above next to bush) I mean, REALLY. Isn't this all a little superfluous?

This poor little plant is trying to survive... you just keep being brave, little plant!

It just keeps on coming!

Pina, my friend from Australia emailed me today to tell me that it is 95 degrees there. How can there be such diversity on the same planet? I had to laugh because she was complaining about the heat, and the fact that her air conditioner broke down. I bet she'd like to come lay down in my snow for awhile to cool off. And I would take an afternoon of 95 degrees right about now, just so my toes could thaw out. (...not to mention I could use some color on my pastey white body)

BUT...since I am stuck here in the freezer, I decided to create my new Bag idea. Here is the first attempt!I made it with some of my Amy Butler "Daisy Chain" stash, and although I may tweak a few things for the pattern, I think I like it! It is diaper bag size, and has lots of inside pockets, as well as two outside elastic pockets, as you can see. The whole thing cinches up with the cords that weave through eight grommets, and tie on the sides, accented with a couple of oversized wooden beads. (You know how I love that) It's actually a really easy bag to construct...no quilting required, yet it is sturdy enough to stand on its own. Tell me what you think, and please feel free to make bag design requests! I would love to hear your ideas/opinions!

And in other news...I'd like you to meet "The Bird". (It doesn't exactly have a name yet) This was my daughter Natalie's gift to herself for Christmas, with some of the money she got from her Grandparents! Look how cute she is!

She really is so sweet...she's a finch, and she sings all day, and seems so happy all the time. I must admit I have to fight the urge to just open the cage and let her fly free, as I know that's what birds are meant to do. But really, it's so cold outside right now, I don't think she'd stand a chance in the wild. My daughter wouldn't appreciate it either, I'm sure!
Any ideas for a name???

Have a great week!


Chelsea said...

Look at that snow! It's nice and sunny here today:)

I have to admit...I do miss the snow.

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

Snow is definitely more wonderful to look at than to live with! I don't mind it being cold, if it stays that way. We are 30 one day, 70 the next, then back to 30 again.

Love the bag! Super cute design!

How about "Maya" for Maya Angelou, author of "I know why the caged bird sings."

Jessica Mormann said...

This little birdie could be an inspiration for a new fabric...

So sweet.


The Drizzled Apple said...

I love Pink Lemonade Bags name! Darling! only I know Natalie, and I think EDWARD is more appropriate don't you think? (sorry, I just had to hee) oh, and DIG the bag... Totally! Well done sis!

by the way, you have all the snow this year....crazy! We haven't gotten nearly 1/10th of what you have. Stay in, stay warm, and check on our mother would ya? might be time for a new hair-do? hahah


Jess said...

We got hit with some snow storms up here in the Northwest too! It has been real nasty. It reminds me of when I lived in the icy tundra of Utah. It makes me want to go back to Arizona! I'm sure it is nice there.

I love the bag, especially with the grommets. My request is usually for good pockets on the insides. I don't really use pockets on the outside, but I do like a few on the inside. Otherwise it is a big mess in there, instead of just a little mess :).

The bird is very cute. I'm not good with naming things, but I do like to reference Hawaiian names. My suggestion would be Nani, which means beautiful. Twilight themed name would always be a go too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lila - first off, with the snow, better you than me. :)
Second, love the new bag and especially those colors you used.
Finally, whatever you do, dont name that bird Molly! Ours is till kicking (I guess I mean biting!) Hope you're well.

Julie said...

Yes, bring on the snow in Australia. I know hoe your friend feels.

debbie said...

Love the bag, hate the snow, even though it looks pretty, hate being cold ~ that's why I live in Florida!How about Papillon ( for freedom)We named our bird that when my girls were little, they called him "pappy." Yours looks very sweet! Stay warm! :)

Kate Brotherson said...

I love the new bag. So cute. And, the baby clothes that Halee has are precious.

Debbie said...

Hi Lila,
Debbie Maddy here from Calico Carriage Quilt Deisgns.
I just want you to know that I am having a contest on my blog. The prize is a big Fat Quarter pack of your Soiree fabric. One of the ways they can earn an entry is to go to your blog and leave a comment about your fabric. Is there a way for you to let me know who does that?
My blog entry will go live tomorrow January 9. I hope all of this is ok with you. My blog is

April said...

I just found your blog, and after seeing the snow pictures was convinced we were in the same area! Turns out, we're in the same city!

Crazy, crazy snow!