Friday, January 23, 2009

Just a Day In the Life...

(This picture has nothing to do with this post...I just hate not putting up something to look at! It is Bananafana's bag pattern made from some Soire'e fabric)

So... it's only 10:00 am and already I have had an eventful day. It all started with me driving my kids to school...several of them, at different times, all through the morning. Somehow I conveniently forgot that last night my Low Fuel light was on. I had figured then that I would fill up in the morning. Anyhoo, I'm driving down the road after dropping off my last child, and of course I ran out of gas. So after stalling traffic behind me and getting lots of dirty looks and honks from angry drivers on their way to work, I try to maneuver over to the right side of the road and park it. Good. No accidents occurred.
Hmmm. Oh good. I have a cell phone! Modern technology is so wonderful...I'll just call Hal and he'll come with a gas tank, and I'll be on my way.

I search my purse...the seat the floor, the dash...Oops, haha I forgot my phone. (Not uncommon for me).
Ummm...let's see. I'm about a mile from home. AND...I'm in my pajamas... bed makeup...slippers. (Thank goodness I wasn't barefoot...also not uncommon for me.)
It's about 38 degrees outside, not too cold for Utah in January, but definitely not pajama weather. Do I really have to walk home in this???

I honestly just sat there in my car for about 10 minutes trying to think if there was some magical remedy for my situation. Nothing came to mind. There weren't any houses nearby for me to call from...not to mention that I didn't exactly want to be seen, even by a stranger.
So, I finally resigned myself to the walk home, in the cold, in my pj's and slippers. I should add that I was wearing my HOT PINK pajamas. Why couldn't I have been wearing grey sweats or something so I could disappear into the scenery? Instead I was some sort of neon sign saying "look at me"
I am fully aware that this is actually pretty classic for me. I seem to attract these kinds of situations like a magnet. I have several friends who will read this and laugh out loud, and say something to the effect of "Of course she ran out of gas! Of course she was in her hot pink pajamas! Of course she didn't have her phone!"

So I'm sorry that I don't have any great photos to document my walk home in the ice and snow in my pajamas, (at least I don't know of any yet.) But you can feel better about yourself, and your morning, now can't you?

Have a great day!


Island Girl said...

Oh no...just think it can only get better from here.

quiltmamajb said...

You poor thing....hope your toes have thawed out! At least you got the hardest part of the day out of the way early! Have a better tomorrow.....piece.

jt said...

oh lila, i hate being cold so i can't imagine. I do have to say each time i get in the car to drive the kids I think, if anyone sees me or i get pulled over, i'll die!!

I did run out of gas on a main street in Bountiful in my pjs. on the way to swim practice in high school. no cell phones back then...of all people, my Bishop stopped. embarrassing!! i was reminded of the incident every sunday.

Chelsea said...

I am laughing so hard!!! But I'm so sorry that you had to walk home in your Pj's and slippers in the cold!!!

I have been so close to similar incidents about a 100 times. One of these times it's going to get me.

I just love you!

The Drizzled Apple said...

hahah! You make me feel that my absent minded episodes have something to do with genitics(thanks Mom!) and knowing that I'm not alone is comforting, that I have 4 wonderful sisters who can relate to days like yours today.... you are a classic RECTOR what can I say! I hope you weren't too cold, and just think, you already got a good workout in and didn't even plan for it! :)
I LOVE YOU! You are my hero in so many ways.... right down to the very last quirk!

Sue B said...

Love it! Glad to know I'm not the only one who finds herself in such situations!

I want to drop you a line and let you know how much I just loved the woodland fabrics. I am a new quilter and have been looking and looking for a fabric that I would make for the quilt on my bed. Then I saw your woodland line in the blues, tans, and ooooh... what's that red/orange color..brain cramp. Anyhow, just love them! Ended up winging a design with them and came up with a cool looking top as a result. I have to get it quilted, but I just know I will love to keep looking at the colors and designs for a long time. Thanks a bunch! When I get a picture, I will send it.

Pina Refat said...

Oh Lila how but at the same time I feel for you!!
If you were here in Aust. you would have had a dozen guys pull over to see if you need help
(especially a hot blond like yourself. Hope the rest of your day is better.

Launi said...

I'm so sorry you had to live out a recurring nightmare of mine--in real life. Spooky. Only in my dream, I'm always wearing a slightly too short nightgown. Picture the nasty white, bare legs! Yikes...

Man, I hope the rest of your day went better.

I enjoy your work...and your blog.
Thanks for the smile.

bakeandsew said...


LJezak said...

Oh, Lila, What a bad day! So sorry. That is one of my nightmares! If makes you feel any better I got a flat tire once, on a very busy road in Salt Lake. I was going to the gym in my workout clothes. This was back in the day when I "thought" I had a great body, and enjoyed wearing little skimpy work out clothes. Worst day of my life! It cured me of that clothing problem.
I hope it gets better.

debbie said...

Lila- how funny, although I'm sorry you had to walk in COLD weather- yuck!I just had surgery last week and popped on to read my fav blogs, so thanks so much for the laugh!( shoulder surgery, so haven't had too many laughs lately-esp. during physical therapy!) I love your fabrics and patterns AND your blog! Take care!

Barbie Jo said...

Ha, ha, well only funny when you look back on the situation! And it sounds very similar to one I had years ago rushing my daughter off to school; only I was in my pink housecoat and my car died!
Love the bag and your new fabric.

Kass Martin said...

I need a Lila purse! You are brilliant. I love all your work. All you dresses, shirts, purses...the list goes on and on. Love you Lila.

ozjane said...

Who wants to be perfect and boring.
Much more fun to be creative and human. I can imagine a great fabric ..snowman type, of a hot pink figure trudging through snow...vbg.

What we would not give here for some of that snow? I went out and picked some ripe tomatoes and was almost burnt in the heat. It was meant to be milder today. And there is no water or rain from now it looks like our gardens will go into desert conditions.

Do you have an old mobile phone.
Over here, you can pop a pre paid card into that and could keep it in the car. Especially if you have a battery charger and charge if occasionally. Just a thought.
I gave a phone like that to my Mum when she was alive in a nursing home and if it was stolen they could only make calls to the cost of the card, but she could always contact me. It gave her great peace of mind. and the slightly bigger older phones...they get smaller each season were easier for oldies to use.

Kaerlig said...

Great story Lila. Reminds me of when my mom took me and all my friends to early morning seminary in her PJs and we ran out of gas. She was wearing a nightgown.

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

I am so sorry you had to walk home in your PJ's and slippers....hey, at least your excerise was done for the day right? Now you can spend all day on the couch in front of the fire warming up!

Carly said...

I am sure you didn't think it was funny at the time, but I must admit I laughed when I read this.

The Zeediks said...

MOM! That is so funny! I always forget about getting gas too and I don't have 5 kids to drop off first thing in the morning! Yikes! I can't believe that you had shoes on! Glad you are ok.
Now on a seperate note.. KEEP YOUR CELL ON YOU. There's a reason it's called a "mobile" phone!
I will admit that I am worse with this task though even with just Halle.
Funny Mama. That's why I love you.