Monday, January 5, 2009

Just Another Ordinary Miracle

This is proof that God exists! If something this beautiful can spring forth in a couple of weeks from an ugly brown bulb stuck in some dirt, that is proof enough for me!
I wish that I had taken a picture of it when my friend Holly gave it to me, and the only thing that was beautiful about it was the pot with the big Christmas bow tied around it. Little by little it grew, first just a cute little green sprout pushing through the top of the bulb, (once again I wish I had documented all of the stages in photographs), and then there were two green sprouts, that started to shoot upward with amazing speed like spears shooting toward heaven. Then, the other day, these huge blossoms burst out, shocking everyone in my family! Especially me, because I have a knack for killing plants of all kinds.

Thank you Holly, for giving me such a wondrous gift of gloriousness! It truly has had me in awe of God's creations, all through the holidays!
Paige, eating cereal with the Amaryllis. Am I spelling that right???


Maria said...

I love "ordinary" miracles. That was a pretty hard one to miss. Gorgeous!

jt said...

that looks huge! How tall is it? I have one growing on my kitchen counter now, i hope it is as pretty as that one.

Lila Tueller said...

This one grew to like 2-2 1/2 feet tall I think. It looks really tall next to Paige...but I think that's an optical illusion because the flower is in the foreground ha!

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

So beautiful and I am so glad it is bringing you so much joy! I need to try my hand at some bulbs next year!

The Drizzled Apple said...

hahah! I love Paiges' expression! .... and it sprang forth...(in Hal's voice naturally!)
-love ya!

Shauna said...

Your photography tricks make you much like the dude that made the hobbits seem smaller than Gandolph in Lord of the Rings. Ha-Ha!