Thursday, August 28, 2008

A few Family Pics, (just because)

I was feeling sad today, just missing my little Halle Rose (granddaughter), and went looking for some recent pictures to ease my grief.
I just had to put a few of them in here.

This one is of Abby, age 10, holding Halle. That little wide-eyed, innocent look just makes me melt!

And this is of some of my group piled on the sofa. From left to right: Brittney, Trent, Halle held by Natalie, and Abby (and me in the back)

This one is of Halle getting ready to eat Rice cereal for the very first time! She LOVED it!
And ate every bit:)

This is a picture of my sweet son, Cade, who is in England for two years on a mission for our church. I miss him too!!
Notice the typical weather! He doesn't seem to mind:)

And last but not least, this is my beautiful daughter Paige, because today is her 18th birthday!

Happy Birthday Paige!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nicole with her Retro "groovy" Bag!

Hi there...

Just wanted you all to see how cute Nicole looks with her new bag! She says it will be her new diaper bag/purse that will hold all her necessities as a young mom. I know how that is... you want to look like you're not always in diaper bag mode, but you still have to carry all that stuff around. Like wipes, diapers, change of clothes, snacks, bottles, etc. plus your wallet, keys, cosmetic bag...the list is long and requires space! This bag has that.

Thanks, Nicole, for sending the picture!

Check out her blog Here

Sunday, August 24, 2008

School Started, does that mean no more summer???

I just can't bear it. I mean, I'm really glad to have the kids in school, and out from under my feet, but I can't start thinking about fall...not just yet! Does the return of school have to mean the end of this?Or this???

Or what about this??? (please no!)

Don't get me wrong...normally I love fall, when it comes. But when I went into the fabric store the other day and saw pumpkins and scarecrows and fall wreaths and garlands everywhere, and I found myself wandering in a fog of deep oranges, golds and browns, I sort of freaked out! I'm just not ready! I still want to wear flip-flops and cut-offs. I still want to feel the warm breeze and smell the chlorine in my kid's hair. I can't go near a bowl of soup, I feel a little queezy when I think of pumpkin anything, I still want to barbeque everything in sight, the thought of hauling out my fall door wreath has me nauseous, and PLEASE...Do not talk to me about what you want to be for Halloween.

Does anyone out there feel my pain???

Lisa Filion with her Bohemian Bag!

Lisa sent me an email directing me to her blog,, which is a lot of fun to read, BTW, where she had posted pictures of herself with her prize, The bohemian Bag. She looks pleased with herself, doesn't she? that her backyard??? No fair!

Thanks , Lisa, for sharing!

...Still waiting for pictures of the grand prize winner with her bag...Nicole? Are you out there? Or are you still out on the town flaunting your Retro "groovy" bag? Well, when you get back home, kick off your shoes, and send me a picture!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hancocks of Paducah is awesome!

Don't know if you know them...way out in Kentucky, well it's way out from where I am, ( maybe they are right down the street from where you are!) you should get to know them ASAP. because I have been loving Hancocks of Paducah, and their beautiful glossy catalog of fabrics and patterns for quite some time. If they looked into my order history, they would find that I like to purchase from them as well!
Anyway, they are carrying some of my fabrics for pre-order, and my patterns too! Click on the link up above, (their name) and enjoy page after page of every designer and style of fabric imaginable! They are wonderful to work with, and have a HUGE selection.

Thanks to Hancocks of Paducah for being truly awesome in every way!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Giveaway has ended, but your comments live on! five year old boy inhaling a donut. Just wanted to put that in here, don't know why. Something about people giving good things to others, (in this case, Grandma T. bringing trays of her homemade donuts to our family because she knows we love them) is one of the things that makes life so wonderful! Speaking of which, I just wanted to say...

WOW! You were all such awesome contestants!!! I feel like I got the best prize of all!
I had a great time reading your comments, visiting your blogs, and just absorbing all of your great positive energy! I have definitely been "feeling the love" from so many of you, and I couldn't be more grateful, surprised, and amazed! The overwhelming response has stunned me, and you ALL deserve to win! I only wish I had prizes for each of you!

And a Huge Congrats, to the lucky winners of all of the prizes!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have some photos here of the "second" first prize, along with the others already mentioned.

This is a variation on the Bohemian Bag, which is one of the patterns in the second prize. I did it without ragging the seams, and without quilting it, to show you that you can do it any way you want, and it still looks great!

Aren't those funky bamboo rings cute? I just had to use them, since I'm on a "bamboo kick" sort of thing right now...I think it makes this bag quite unique!

View inside to see the many pockets and roomy interior!