Monday, June 23, 2008

Sneak Peek Spring '09 fabrics for Moda

The spring '09 fabric collection has been submitted, and is in the printing process. Now realize that this is a long process, and that these fabrics are not going to be available until Spring '09, which seems like forever to me! I mean the first collection still isn't out yet, so, it's just long!!!

Anyhow, this is just a little teaser for you, I think it's going to be fun!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This pretty little number is growing in my front yard! Aren't they fun???

And another market pic:

This is a funky woman who owns a business called "artgirlz " But I couldn't find the website, so this is not a link. They specialize in fun quirky little doo-dah's made with wool felt balls, and other such trinkets. I happened by her booth, and was struck by her originality in her style of dress, and the funky stuff in her booth. I stood there and watched her from a distance for awhile, with a big smile on my face, because she's the type you just don't see every day where I come from. Very refreshing, and very colorful! (You can't see it very well, but her hair is pink and orange, and spiked out all over.) I just stood back and watched for a minute, and then I approached her for a picture. She was lot of fun to talk to! And to look at:)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello! These first three pictures are of designer Tina Givens' booth, which was breathtaking! She has a very unique style that has a European flare. She is a watercolor artist who started out in the card/stationery business, and has now expanded into fabrics, and other things. She's a darling little spitfire, with a lot of style! I need a picture of her to show you...I'll find one.

And these next photos are more of Sandi Henderson's booth.... She is from Pocatello, Idaho and started out as a boutique clothing designer like Chelsea. In fact, they became friends through that enterprise. But now she is a famous designer with Michael Miller, and is an inspiration to many!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I am sooo sorry that I lied about adding more pictures every day from market...What happened to me? All I can say is, SUMMER happened! The kids are home, and WOW. It's been crazy.
So here are a few more that I hope you'll enjoy!

The first one just above here is of Chelsea, my cute niece, in her booth PINK FIG PATTERNS. Those pictures are of her darling girls there behind her, wearing some of her creations.
She is super talented, and can make just about anything from scratch.

Isn't this a cute picture of her darling girls wearing my fabrics...her designs!They are gorgeous girls!!!This is another picture of Chelsea's booth, and some of her designs on the rackAnd here is another view of the Pink Fig Patterns Booth, isn't it cute???

And I wanted you to get another look at cute Amy Butler, my idol, because my other photos were too far away of her. And here is a better picture of her awesome booth, which I could live in 24-7 because I'd never get sick of it!I'll post some pictures of Sandi's booth that I haven't shown yet, and some of Tina Givens' booth which was fabulous! Then there's a great picture of a woman that I thought was so much fun,I just watched her in awe for a long time, and then I talked her into a photo. She's a riot just to look at! You'll see! More market to come, but for now, I must go on my family's traditional Sunday walk-around-the-block....