Friday, May 30, 2008

Alrighty then! Here are a few more pictures from Portland... you should have been there!

The first one is of a cute skirt designed and made by my cute niece, Chelsea Andersen of Pink Fig Patterns. You can buy this pattern, and make one up yourself! The fabric is from Sandi Henderson's first line, Ginger Blossom. So CUTE!

The second picture is of my "other car", which I had Charles bring around, so that I could take all of the executives to lunch. It's just a simple little of many.

The last one is of Joel's pillows, done in his new line, Ginseng. COOL.

(Just kidding about the car...but isn't it HOT?)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Hope you enjoy these pictures from market, even though they list backwards, (that's the one thing I can't figure about blogs, but I guess it makes sense) I hope you can get a feel for things as they were there. I'll post a little more about it every day till I am satisfied, because it was so much fun!

This is a picture of Sandi Henderson, another great designer with Michael Miller, my sister Lucy, and me. Sandi had a beautiful booth, which won second prize! Her new fabric line, Farmer's market is gorgeous! You will love it!

And here are a few more pics from market. I was there with my Mom, three of my sisters, Lucy, Linda and Kathy, my niece Chelsea, who had an awesome booth there, and my daughter Paige. We actually got crazy on this night and danced like we were in high school again! Even my Mom! She was so darn cute, and she can still shake it!

O.K. If you don't know who Joel Dewberry is, you should. He is a guy who graduated from BYU, (my Alma Mater), and he's an amazing designer! Check out his booth, and some of his quilts. The first picture is of Joel and my niece Chelsea. I had one of me with Joel, but I look like I'm brain-fried on crack, so I decided to let this one suffice. I really just want you to see what a handsome man he is, and how tall he is! (Chelsea is standing on a chair.) How can he design fabric too???

And I just have to show you one more of that great Anna Maria Horner's booth!

And another view of Anna Maria's booth...

And even though you might think that there's no way anything could be better, the winning booth at market was awarded to Anna Maria Horner, for this amazing display! I just stood there, mouth open, in amazement and wonder. She has a knack, that girl! Can't wait to get some of her fabric!

Well I'm finally back! It took me a while to get back into the swing of things, and I had to spend every waking (and some sleeping) moment getting my patterns finished and sent to the printer. It was a big job! But now that I'm finally done with that, I want to share some of my fun Market pictures with you.

This first one is of my favorite designer, and probably yours too, Amy Butler. Her booth was like pure oxygen to the brain, and she is such a warm and friendly and lovable person, not to mention beautiful, as well, on the outside, you just can't help but like her. Check out this breath of fresh air!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'll post about Market when I can see straight again!

I have a ton of great pictures to download into my computer all about Market... but I am so slammed with so many other things that are much more pressing, I just can't do it right now. But I will, I promise! It was great!!! I have so many funny stories, and some that are quite touching too. LATER!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hi! That didn't take long, because I decided to not look any more for my camera, and just go buy a new one. One that I don't have to share. One that will be guarded with my life.
Now... ( and these are just a few of them) they are...the fabrics I have waited to get forever... they finally came!

(Blah blah blah)

So anyway, I've been sewing up a bunch of stuff.... and going a little crazy, but it's all really fun, and surreal to have my own fabric to work with. Now remember what I said about being kind??? Well I really mean it, because this is REALLY scary! I know some people will hate it, and some will like it. But I can't please the world, I can't even please myself. So please don't hate me if you hate the fabric!

Thanks, Love ya!


Hello everyone! I have been really busy lately, hence the dearth of posts. Quilt market is looming near on the horizon, and I've been sewing my little pin-pricked fingers to the bone making samples of things with my new FABRIC! It is here (for me at least), and I'm having lots of fun with it!

There's a story behind this fabric line, it's a strange little tale of goof-ups and senior moments, and some twists and turns I never would have seen coming. But in the end, it is all O.K.

Please be kind, and not too critical of me, since I am just learning, and sort of coming into this business blindly, as well as stupidly. I promise that things will be better with my next line, and maybe by the time I've done 3 or 4 collections, I will have something good happening.

My newest source of inspiration (and depression)?? Anna Maria Horner's newest line of home dec fabric, Drawing Room. Absolutely fabulous!

As soon as I find my camera, I'll show you some pictures of what I'm up to. Bye!