Thursday, November 6, 2008


Or I should say we were... Thanks, Chelsea for fixing it and getting the white background back up! Sorry if you visited while the background was gone!

I have much to write about, and zero time! I'll be back...


Pink Lemonade Bags said...

Sounds like your day is going like mine! Wish us both luck!



Kerri said...

Hope things get better soon.

Tanya said...

I am so excited to have discovered your blog. I live in Australia and have bought your Woodlands fabric- love it so much that I haven't cut it up yet! Thanks for sharing your life, it's really great and interesting to see you doing the 'mum' stuff and running a household and mixing it well with the 'fun stuff'.
My very best wishes to you.

Talita O. said...

Hi Lila,

This is Talita. I am so happy to have come upon your blog. I looked for something on etsy, saw your name and thought, better check it out :) Great blog, beautiful stuff, you are just so talented!!! Always loved your style. Missed you on the 4th this year, meant to write you a note, but you know how that goes... Anyhow, glad I found you.

I have a question for you, is there any way, you could write me an email?



P.S. Your granddaugther is sooooooo cute! Can't believe how fast these kids are growing up, what happened?

Hot Wheels Paul said...

Hi, Lila:

My name is Terri Watson. I am a good friend of Christine Lockhart of All My Bags. I love your Woodland Bloom line of fabrics! I made a skirt for my little granddaughter out of that line, and Christine suggested that I send you a picture of it. By the way, your new ittle granddaughter, Halle, is darling!! Terri

Rachel Booth Perry said...

I dont know if you would even remeber me. But you were my young wemons advisor. I used to babysit for you. And both my sister and I named our first borns after one of your children. I named my Daughter Allison Paige and my siter named her son Caden after Cade. I loved getting to know you and Hal. I moved to SlC and my sister is still in Utah County. Glad to see you are all still doing well. I will check in on you again later.