Monday, November 17, 2008

New Contest ...Are you ready?

OK. I hope you guys have good celebrity recognition skills! Here's the deal. I have "morphed"
the faces of some famous people together to create new celebrity faces you have never seen before. Your job is to identify the two famous individuals that make up the new morphed celebrity. There are 12 of them. You have to get them all correct to win the grand prize. Now here are some hints:
1) Two of the morphs are a male/ female combination
2) One of the morphs is of me and a celebrity.

You should know, or could easily find the names of all of these famous people. This contest will go on for 1 week, so till Nov. 24th at noon. You can leave a comment here, but DO NOT leave a comment with your answers, as this may give hints to others. Email me the answers instead.
example: Image 1: Donald Duck and Micky Mouse
Image 2: etc...

Please leave me with your Blog address in your email, and put a little post in your blog about this contest with a link to my blog. I will be checking your blog for a link- so make sure you don't forget!

Grand prize will be a fabulous bag made from my "Soire'e" fabric line, shown above, and will be awarded to the first entry with the correct answers. There will be other prizes for runners up, to be announced later.
Good Luck and have fun!

Image # 1image # 2
image # 3

image # 4
Image # 5
image # 6
image # 7
image # 8
image# 9
image # 10 image # 11
image # 12


Fran said...

Now that's tough!!

I've got 2 but it maybe the only 2 I get.

Goodluck to all


jt said...

Very fun, I've got a link on my blog...thanks!

The Zeediks said...

So fun! Let's get the first guy on the big screens! So hot. I'll be submitting my guesses shortly

Angela said...

that was fun :) i don't have a blog :( but my answers are in!!! good luck everyone!

Abbie S-Dyer said...

heh heh....i think i got this one in the bag.....i sure do know my celebrities--avid people and us reader here. i'll be sending you an email with my final answers lila!

Chelsea said...

This is Hilarious!!!

Rebecca said...

I just emailed my answers, now I'll set up a link. thanks!

Lula Bee Boutique said...

This is so freaky weird... I can get one person in most of em, but not 2. But I am not a big celebrity person either. Can't wait to see the answers!

Luvkids334 said...

Holy moly, a couple of those really had me stumped for a while, but I believe I have them all figured out ;-)

Great contest, a lot of fun and awesome prizes.

Keeping all fingers and toes crossed.;-)

Thanks for hosting this.

Off to email and blog about you / this ;-)

manoucarre said...

That is not easy at all, I hope you have chosen only international actors, otherwise I'll have no chance at all!!

disa said...

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