Friday, November 28, 2008

Obsessed again, darn!

Three times, count'em. Three. That's how many times I have suckered into going to see Twilight. I know I'm too old to care...
It's just that I have four daughters, and they of course love it, and they drag me there over and over, and let's face it...Edward is a babe!(Never mind that I have two children older than he is)

There are several parts that have me mesmerized. The first one is when he introduces himself to Bella in class ( after he has been mysteriously gone for days) sweet and so proper!

The second one is when he takes her to his house, and they go into his room, and she asks why he doesn't have a bed, and he sheepishly says "I don't sleep." She says "Ever?" And he gets that look, and says "No, not at all." Absolutely incredibly adorable.

The third one is when he is in her room, and he tells her he wants to try something, and tells her to "hold very still"...moves in..."Don't move..." OHHH, that is pure heaven. That entire scene is almost painful to watch.

There are more, but I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet. Is there anyone in that category?

I hope you all (minus those from other countries of course) had a great Thanksgiving, and that you were able to spend it thanking Heavenly Father for all of the blessings in your life...which usually translates into people you love, and the precious time spent with them.

Love to you all...


ozjane said...

Oh my I feel ignorant. Not only have I not seen it, I have not heard of it, nor the actor. Now maybe it is not released here yet....and maybe I have not been to the movies for a few years. Not often worth the pain of sitting for that long, but now I feel very ignorant.
But then my only child is a four footed one so maybe that gets me off the hook. First feed I read for the morning........slightly sleepy still. Have a great thanksgiving. That is a holiday that as an Aussie, I envy.

Chelsea said...

I have seen it twice and I'm planning to sneak away atleast 2 more times to see it before it leaves the theaters! I sent you an email about it and your thoughts on it. Did you get it? It doesn't matter because this post pretty much sums it up.

I love him too.


Shauna said...

Hey Lila - I've seen it twice. I loved the same parts you did, plus the ending, when they are dancing in the gazebo and you think he's going to bite, but he just kisses her neck instead. Oooo-la-la!

Britta said...

Hi Lila,
I've not seen it yet as I am just reading the books. I got them all on Friday and now I'm way deep into book no. 2. (and that with a 2 year old and a 8 month old baby in the house!)
What I've seen on Youtube got me to get the books so I sure as hell will see the movie.... and Robert Pattinson is a babe ;)

Peddlecar Quilts said...

Ok, so I am not a teenager in any sense of the word, but I am in love all over again with Edward Cullen. I read the whole series in 1 week and have been to the movie Twilight 2 times so far. I would go again in a heartbeat!!! He is so georgeous!!! I love the part where he rescues her from a dark alley. His powers, well, what can I say??!!!! Who cares how old he is!!!! LOL!!!! Younger than my kids, that's for sure. Move over Brad Pitt!!!!

Jess said...

So I'm one of the crazies that hasn't seen the movie yet! The movie does intrigue me a bit and I've heard a lot of good from the female viewers. The Twilight phenomenon is huge here, because I live about 70 miles away from Forks (a very podunk town). Yet, I still haven't read the books.

I wish the Edward character was more handsome. Maybe he plays a good vampire and it'll change my opinion.

Carla said...

You sound like you liked it LOL. I probably won't see it until it comes out on dvd. Been about 20 years since I've been to a movie.

Anonymous said...

seen it, read ALL the books at least 3x. totally get the obsessed thing. And I'm old enough too that I should be ashamed... but i'm not.

Julie Andersen said...

although my entire family (besides maybe chlesea and Katie) would make fun of me for enjoying the moving so much..but I completely agree with you Lila. :)