Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alright, you are too smart! New contest coming!

So...the very first entry had the correct answer! As did the second, and the third! (See the following contest post, below)
Man...I thought that would be harder! Then I realized all they had to do was right click on the images, and the name of the island popped up! Hahaha! The joke's on me! I did fix that problem , but it was too late.

I think that I shall have to come up with a NEW, HARDER contest! Don't worry, I shall still award prizes to the winners. BUT, we are going to do another contest, so stay tuned!

I'm thinking...



Donutface007 (donutman546) said...


plz visit these blogs-

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

Ha Ha that was too funny! We were at Daisy Girl Scouts with Jordan so I missed all the fun the first looking forward to the next contest!

Donna said...

So what island was it? I am very curious. D~~~~

Fran said...

Ha-ha-ha too cute!
Kind of blew that one away but I will be looking forward to the next contest.