Monday, October 6, 2008

Messy Room Contest! By Vintage Chic Boutique

Hello all,

Today I am posting about a fun contest hosted by my cute niece Chelsea at Vintage Chic Boutique, and Pink Fig Patterns:

I know it says take a "P", but that's not what it should say! (haha) It should say take a picture!
It's all about keeping it real in our blogs, at least some of the time!
So to enter, just take a picture of the craziest, messiest room in your house. Then post about it on your blog, link back to Chelsea's blog, then leave a comment there with a link to your blog and you will be entered in a drawing to win some "Pattern Packs" from Chelsea and I! There will be 3 pattern pack prizes and 1 GRAND PRIZE, A "Mod Girl Purse" made from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden Fabric!

The contest starts now and ends on October 26th...Chelsea's birthday, at midnight! The winners will be announced on Halloween Eve. Wish her a happy birthday ON her birthday and she'll give you an extra entry!

So...Make a Mess, Take a Pic, and Win a Prize! Happy Halloween!!!!


belinda said...

oh.. you girls are crazy....but i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fran said...

I can't believe it , another reality shot? I'm not sure If I'm ready to expose my inner sanctum to all of blog land.

Besides you and Belinda and I were the only ones I saw who was liberated enough to post pictures.

We'll see... it's early days yet.


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wondermommy said...

This sounds like a fun contest. I just moved and I think I have a whole house that qualifies :)

~love said...

i love this....reality. you've started a movement, lila. =)