Thursday, August 14, 2008

Giveaway has ended, but your comments live on! five year old boy inhaling a donut. Just wanted to put that in here, don't know why. Something about people giving good things to others, (in this case, Grandma T. bringing trays of her homemade donuts to our family because she knows we love them) is one of the things that makes life so wonderful! Speaking of which, I just wanted to say...

WOW! You were all such awesome contestants!!! I feel like I got the best prize of all!
I had a great time reading your comments, visiting your blogs, and just absorbing all of your great positive energy! I have definitely been "feeling the love" from so many of you, and I couldn't be more grateful, surprised, and amazed! The overwhelming response has stunned me, and you ALL deserve to win! I only wish I had prizes for each of you!

And a Huge Congrats, to the lucky winners of all of the prizes!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have some photos here of the "second" first prize, along with the others already mentioned.

This is a variation on the Bohemian Bag, which is one of the patterns in the second prize. I did it without ragging the seams, and without quilting it, to show you that you can do it any way you want, and it still looks great!

Aren't those funky bamboo rings cute? I just had to use them, since I'm on a "bamboo kick" sort of thing right now...I think it makes this bag quite unique!

View inside to see the many pockets and roomy interior!


Teresa said...

That's a great looking bag!

Lynn said...

As usual I am a day late and a dollar short! Love your designs and love your bags! I am a confessed "bag" aholic! I must stop back and visit again.

quiltmom said...

The bags are beautiful and win or lose the giveaway was fun. I loved checking out your site, seeing your pictures of your lovely designs and your gorgeous grand daughter.
I will come and visit again to be inspired by your terrific bags.

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

I love the second bag! Those bamboo rings are so cool!

Queen Mimi said...

Sorry I didn't win, but so excited to have a new Blog Buddy. I am not a sewer (meaning a person who sews) LOL But would love one of your Bags. Do you ever Sell them? Is there another Website?

debbie said...

Hi Lila, I just love your bags, the colors look great. I wish we had them in Australia.

Leaca Young said...

I was blog hopping and found your blog. I am originally from Wyoming and we have a six degrees thing going on. =)

I just wanted to say I love your blog and your cute bag here. Adorable. I am going to have to show the hubby. Do you ship to Alaska?

Micki said...

I love your bags...I make bags too. I saw your comment on Anna's blog and decided to visit. Glad that I did. I am in the process now of making another bag with my Babylock EMB12, so it will be machine felted. I make bags the normal way too, and love doing it all. Love your blog!
In Ireland

Julie Andersen said...

oo I like this perse Lila... you know what I'm may need a fall colored one... you know what maybe instead I'll try making one myself??? Its about time I take on that hobby. :)
love you Lila