Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Funked Out Apron Gets ~FUNKAY~

I wanted you to see how cute and fun these two aprons turned out! My friend Jane Taylor from "blogworld" (my personal name for the crazy cyber-space connection we have with people we've actually never met) made these two wild and crazy aprons from my Funked Out Apron pattern, and used up some of her "stash". Aren't they great???

Thanks, Jane for sharing! You are awesome!

I just finished making this diaper bag for a friend. It is a modified version of the Bohemian Bag pattern, made with Woodland Bloom in Rosewood. I hope she likes it!

And this very bright concoction is one I made for myself! I just looked for the wildest, brightest fabrics I could find, put them all together and 'voila'! (Not sure of the spelling on that French word:)
I like it because just about everything goes with it. This is also a variation of the Bohemian Bag...I just didn't rag the seams...and it's a little taller. You can do whatever you want with that pattern too...you don't even have to "quilt" it. you can just do a "stitch in the ditch" and a little bartack randomly across the entire bag , to hold it all together nicely. Just use your imagination!


Pina Refat said...

Hi Lila... well first i have to say this comment has nothing to do with your funky apron but your overall designs they are brilliant, just love them the colours are awsome. I cant believe I haven't come accross your designs earlier but them again i do live all the way over the other side of the world.. Australia, and let me tell you I will be putting your site in my favourites file. As for your new fabric range for Moda I hope I can purchase it here in Australia. One last thing, I think their must have been another human error in your profile, you don't look a day older than 30.
Regards Pina

Lila Tueller said...


I wish I had your email so I could send you a note to say thanks for all the nice comments! You do live a ways away...what part of Australia do you live in? I also wish I could have heard your voice...I love Australian accents! Once when I was young and silly, I was in another city shopping, and I pretended to be from Australia, and tried to speak with the proper accent in every shop I went into. I'm sure I slaughtered it miserably but it was fun anyway!

Thanks again, and you are way too kind! ( a day over 30?)


Pina said...

Lila.. What on earth are you doing up at 2.22am (date of your post).
It was nice of you to reply. I live in Shepparton 1 1/2 hours drive north of our capital city Melbourne. My email is pinarefat@hotmail.com I would love to keep in touch.
Regards Pina

randi said...

Cute aprons! I love the mix of fabrics!

Chelsea said...

Seriously Lila, what were you doing up that late? Unfortunately, and you know this already, but I have the same sickness of not being able to fall asleep before 4am!

I Love the funky aprons that Jane made! Cute fabric combinations.