Thursday, May 29, 2008

O.K. If you don't know who Joel Dewberry is, you should. He is a guy who graduated from BYU, (my Alma Mater), and he's an amazing designer! Check out his booth, and some of his quilts. The first picture is of Joel and my niece Chelsea. I had one of me with Joel, but I look like I'm brain-fried on crack, so I decided to let this one suffice. I really just want you to see what a handsome man he is, and how tall he is! (Chelsea is standing on a chair.) How can he design fabric too???


The Drizzled Apple said...

bahahahaha! Girl, you are so crazy making me laugh out loud with your comments!...Chelsea standing on a chair hahahahahha! Oh my gosh! Makes me feel like that night we stayed up till the wee hours in Portland giggling and talking gibberish! Too much fun!

Love ya!

Caroline said...

Love your new fabric and have enjoyed checking out your blog. Thanks for introducing me to Joel Dewberry love his stuff too! Hurray for fellow BYU Grads! I am one myself but fairly recent. At any rate I was curious about the quilt above in Joel's Booth. Any idea how he made those rounded prairie point type things? Would love some input as I think the quilt is just darling and I'm thinking about using that concept in a quilt for my niece.