Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sweet spring is here!

Spring means strawberries! And what strawberry isn't a little yummier with a little chocolate drizzled over it! These were on my table the other night at a family gathering we had.

Want one?

And what gathering isn't made a little sweeter with some ooey gooey homemade donuts? Did you catch a glimpse of those??? Grandma Tueller brought a tray of these delectable delights for us to enjoy! Don't they look scrumptious? We love her!


The Zeediks said...

Oh my goodnes!!! SOOOO HOMESICK!!! I can't believe I missed a donut night! Those strawberries look incredible!!! I love those gatherings!

Pink Lemonade Boutique Bags said...

The donuts looks scrumptious! And homemade, how wonderful!

I love taking chocolate dipped strawberries to gatherings with friends for Easter! The drizzle you added makes them looks fabulous! I will have to remember that little extra step for next time!

Chelsea said...

Did you save some for me?