Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Stuff

My cute, talented and very helpful niece Chelsea has told me that I need to show pictures of some of the things I have done. So if this bores you, it's her fault!
I spent a lot of time, for a while, making purses. It was lots of fun, and I only took pictures of maybe a tenth of what I actually made. But here are some of them for you to check out. I really don't have time to sew them anymore, but once in a while I get a hankering to make a new one, and I whip one up. There is so much great fabric out there now, it's hard not to make a new purse for every one of them! (But I resist the temptation.)


Chelsea said...

I doubt anyone is going to be bored by your awesome purses! Hee hee:)

I love my purse to death! Literally it is dying:( I'm sorry, but you
are going to have make me a new one soon and I want it out of your fabric. Money is no object.

Love ya,


The Zeediks said...

I love those bags...

creativedawn said...

I love your you have patterns for the other purses you made?