Friday, March 21, 2008

My Grandbaby Halle Rose...again (!)

I just LOVE this little girl! I wish I could kiss her little soft cheeks right now, but she's in California, where I wish I was right now! Here she is, isn't she sweet?


Pink Lemonade Boutique Bags said...

She is just so precious and sweet! I can only imagine how much you miss her. My dad and stepmom live in CA and we are in TX and our phone conversations are always about how much they miss their grandkids!


Bonghi Vestiti said...

Oh my gosh how sweet is she! My little lady just left to go back to Va after her first road trip to granny's house...I too have the same issue of way to many miles between us...but I thank God for the internet and webcams :)

Kass Martin said...

She's getting so big! I can't handle that I haven't seen her in person yet. I told my mother in law to check out your blog and see the dress instructions...anyway, she did and was telling me how beautiful you are and can't believe you look so awesome AND you have 7 kids. She thinks you're pretty dang amazing. She was also saying that your girls are so gorgeous. I totally agree. Your whole family is so darling. Hey, what's your email address? (I think it needs to be the one you use while on blogger) I'm going private this week and want you included! Thanks! You can email me at or leave it in the comments.

Savanna and Sadie's Mom said...

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Janel said...

I'm not sure if you would remember me-Janel Jeppson, I saw your name on a friend's blog and wondered if it was you, so I clicked on and saw that it was. I remember you at the Tuellers house in Concord, before you and your husband (Can't remember his name-David?) got married. were always doing something creative! I think I helped at your "pizza and ice-cream" wedding reception! didn't the guys play softball all day and then go to the reception?!...also, I took piano from may remember me on crutches! I would love to get in touch w/ Janine, my Your family is beautiful!