Thursday, April 21, 2016

PDF Pattern Giveaway!!

Hi There!
Im doing a big shout-out to all my Facebook friends for my good friend Michelle Golightly who has authored a beautiful new book called...
"Signature Bags" full of 12 amazing Bag patterns for you to try!
To help promote her new book she is doing a...

Go to one of the sites below and Pre-order her SIGNATURE BAGS book and receive a FREE PDF Purse Pattern!

My new book is a fashion forward collection of 12 patterns from clutches to totes that look at home on the runway, but even better on your arm! I have featured pattern designs for beginning to experienced sewers...but really, with the detailed illustrations and instructions YOU can sew all of these designs.

Email me at with a picture of your receipt and I will reply to the sending address with the PDF pattern.

You can find the book at :…/1122726459…,

Visit Michelle's FB:

Some of her bags are shown in the book done in my fabrics:)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

New collection coming!!

Hi fabric enthusiasts!
Just wanted to let you in on a new collection of mine coming available soon! It's called "Botanique". It was inspired by a retro wallpaper design that I saw somewhere...cant rememeber the exact time or location, but I snapped a pic... and although I made it my own, the feel is the same.
Here's a sneak peek!

This represents just one colorway...there are three as usual!
As you can see, the feel is retro, but the interpretation and the palette is very now!
I can see all kinds of applications for this...from dresses and blouses to quilts, handbags and pillows.
Please request Botanique at your local quilt shop, or favorite online shop! They can already pre-order at
I hope you are still sewing away like madmen/women!

Have a wonderful September!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I have been asked to re publish the Trash Stasher pattern... So I am putting a link to this on my FB page so you can use it to create your very own!

I am going to re-publish the same post that I used here back in May of 2012.
Here you go:

"Hello friends...

Do any of you have kids that you haul around in your car? If you do, then you probably also have trash in your car. It's just inevitable. Unless you have highly trained children who never eat in your car, or who never bring their junk with them. Even if you don't have kids, I think it's safe to say that everybody probably could use one of these:

It used to be that I would bring a plastic grocery bag out to the car to bag up the trash people would leave behind. (Never me, of course, just the other people I drive all over town in my car.) But one day I got this idea of a great way to utilize some of my laminated fabrics.

Now I have one in my car, my husband has one in his, and each of my driving children have one in their cars too. I've also given them to some of my neighbors, and my parents...just because I enjoy making them so much. They probably never have trashy cars like mine, but I still think every car needs one.

So I decided to make a little free pattern for anyone who is interested. I call these "Trash Stashers". Anyone can make these! Really.

I am attaching the link for the pattern so you can give it a whirl. It's not a difficult pattern, so if you are a beginner, this is a great pattern for you to try!
Link to Pg. 1
Link to Pg. 2

These fabrics shown are from my Bohemian Festival collection, coming out in June! (2012) I love the yummy colors, and the fun patterns in this collection, and I have been busy sewing like crazy with it! I've yet to take pictures of all the fun things I have made...but I'll get them up for you soon! The laminates are rich and fun to work with!"

OK I added in the links and a couple other things, but.....That was then, this is now! I have some new laminated cottons coming out in July with my new collection, Extravaganza!
Go have a look at the entire collection! Its very colorful for summer sewing, and I think the laminates will make up some nice Trash Stashers! Be on the lookout for those, and ask your local fabric store to order Extravaganza if they haven't already!

Thanks for checking in!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015


My eInsider Quilt Market Interview article (link)

Hi friends...thought I would share this interview i did with the folks at eInsider.
It tells a little about me, how I design fabric, and my art background. Just click on the link above:)

I hope you will check out my new Halle Rose fabric collection, and also the collection coming out in July of 2015 called Extravaganza. Both are on the Riley Blake website under "just arrived", and "coming soon" categories.

I'm still here, and still designing like crazy! Life is good, wild, funny, weird, sad, happy, and pretty darn awesome!

I hope everyone is having a great January 2015! And if you aren't having fun yet, just hold gets better!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas from me to you's been a while. I was reminded today that I have not been blogging for a long while...which caused me some reflection.
It has been quite a year for me, and I have failed to document it in any real form. My excuse is that I really don't sit and write anymore. I used to do it for fun! Those days are gone. It's not that I don't enjoy writing...I just don't enjoy sitting for very long! I feel that there are so many things I need to do with the time I have been given.

Sometimes I do feel like I am living on borrowed time. That's a story for another day.

But, I digress.
As many of you may know, I went through a divorce this last year, which was final in June. It has been an interesting and genuinely inexplicable growing experience for me. It has given my life a new pain, but also a new joy I wouldn't have been able to experience otherwise. I have felt a lifting of burdens and a new exuberance for life that I didn't know I could have. I feel that I should thank my ex-husband for the exemplary way he has handled a very difficult decision with kindness and understanding that I didn't expect from him. If all ex-husbands (or wives) to-be could follow his example, the world would be a much happier place.
My children have also been more than supportive to both of us. Offering us love and gentleness through the entire process. No one has had to take sides, or watch their parents belittle each other through any of this. For that I will always be grateful.

I have continued to work in the fabric industry, designing fabric for Riley Blake Designs, but also I have been working in the Draper warehouse/office which has enabled me to make many new friends and associates  who have enriched my life a great deal. I have laughed... and cried...more in this year than I have in a very long time. Which I am grateful for. Emotion is good. At least it is for me.  

I am reminded that I have much to be grateful parents are still living, my children are healthy and wonderful, I am relatively healthy (for a 53 year old), I have the love and support of my family and many wonderful friends, and life is beautiful and full of many good things!

As we all embark on a new year, I hope we all look forward to good days ahead. Happy days, full of awe at how the Lord blesses us when we turn to him. Of course there will also be difficult days, because that is what life is all about. Opposition...good and bad, happy and sad, is what life here is made of. But I hope that through all of it, we can determine to live with love and patience and understanding of others, as well as ourselves. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, or a happy "whatever-you-celebrate" at this time of year!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Introducing HALLE ROSE

Hello Blogworld friends!

I'm still alive! Are you?
Life gets busy doesn't it? I hope that you are all alive and well...happy and productive!

I wanted to let you have a look at my newest collection, Halle Rose

 soon to be showcased at International Quilt Market in premium cotton and a few selected prints in laminated cotton! The market is open to the trade only and is held in Houston October 25-27.

Click on the link above...and have a look-see at the Riley Blake website, where you can see all of the prints in cotton and in laminate.

Halle Rose was named after my oldest Grandchild, (six years old)
 Halle Rose! 
 I'snt she just a little peach??

It is a whimsical and colorful collection of beautiful prints, yet has an air of sophistication as well. 
You could use it to create anything from a classy nursery for a baby girl, to stunning quilts, to clothing and accessories for any age. (Click on the links to go to the Riley Blake Free Quilt Projects page, and the Pattern page for great ideas!)

Hurry hurry hurry and get your hands on some of this before it is completely sold out. It's going fast fast fast!

Pre-orders available for wholesale at the Riley Blake website. 


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Olfa contest winners announced!

Hello everyone!'s that time. There are two lucky winners that have been chosen, and as will receive the Olfa gift of a mini cutting mat and rotary cutter, and one will receive a wonderful bundle of fabrics from yours truly. 

Here we go...

Winner of the Olfa gift set:
Maree in NC !!

Winner of the Lila Tueller fabric bundle:
Jenny of Elefantz !!

Congratulations to the winners! I am so grateful for all of you who entered, you are all worthy of winning, and it is always hard for me to only get to choose two. Please know that you all should have won (in a perfect world) Right?

Winners: Please email me with your mailing addresses as soon as you can. 
Lila tueller designs at g mail dot com


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fantastic OLFA giveaway!

This year, OLFA is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the invention of the rotary cutter. Developed by OLFA in 1979, this technology forever changed quilting by providing the sharpest cuts and paving the way for more elaborate and time-intensive projects. 

I have been using Olfa products for years. I couldn't do without my Olfa rotary cutter, mats and rulers. If you are a quilter at all, I'm sure you will agree that these products have made our lives so much easier...It's impossible to put a dollar amount on what they have done for us.

Because this is their 35th birthday, I have been given the opportunity to share some of their products with you! The winner of my little contest will receive a special Olfa kit, shipped directly from their warehouse.

This kit includes an OLFA rotary cutter and a small cutting mat. Perhaps you are just learning to quilt, or your daughter is learning...or maybe you just have never tried Olfa products before. This is a great chance for you to win something wonderful for free!

I am also adding a second prize which is a fabric bundle of some of my super hard to find pieces from past collections, as well as some from my newest collection..."Splendor" for Riley Blake. This will be a separate winner... So two lucky people get prizes! Yay!

Here's all you need to do:

Leave a comment here telling me why you want to win! That's it...and do it before Monday night  June 30th at 12:00 midnight mountain standard time...and you will be included in the drawing!

Good luck!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Thanks to all of the friends who commented/entered the Splendor Giveaway!
I love you all and wish you could all get a prize!

The Winners are:

Mari Mezzatesta!
Christie Lewis!
Toni Viega Hougham! 

Once again, there could have been many more entrants chosen to win, please don't feel less than loved!

If the winners could please send me an email with their mailing addresses, that would be wonderful!

Thanks and congratulations to the winners!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hello Again!!!
Yes... I am still living. No...I did not skip the country.
I have just been "away" temporarily... but I am baaaack!


Anybody seen my new fabric collection for Riley Blake called "SPLENDOR"?

It's just being shipped out now, to shops all over the country and the world.
I thought it would be nice to give some of it away!

The pictures below are of the One Yard Bundles... which are one yard cuts of all seven prints of each colorway.

I am giving one of these bundles to three lucky winners! The first two winners to reply get to pick the bundle they want:)

How to enter:
Just comment on why you want them! 
Please only comment once!
Please share the contest with others through your favorite social media channels!

Here is the Blue/Green colorway:

Here is the "Multi" colorway:

And this is the Pink/Yellow colorway:

Thanks to all my loyal friends who have already ordered Splendor for their shops! I love you all so much!
I'm getting ready for quilt market in May, and cant wait to show you all the pretty things we have been making for this collection!

GOOD LUCK to all the entrants!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Why I LOVE Fabric" Contest Winners!

OKAY! Well thank you to all of you who commented on Why You Love fabric!
Clearly there are lots and lots of fabriholics out there! 
I am wondering if there is a support group for fabric hoarders and the people who live with them and deal with their addiction! I am one of those people, (a hoarder) so I can relate to everyone who made a comment, and I am not ashamed to admit it:)

Now let me get down to business and announce the WINNERS! (DRUMROLL PLEASE...)

The winner of the Laminated "Priscilla" 
Metro Slouch Bag is....

The winner of the 10" stack of Priscilla fabric is...

The winner of the rollie pollie of Priscilla Fabric is:

The winner of the fat quarter bundle of Priscilla fabric is"

To the winners: Please send me an email: with your MAILING address so I can send you your prize!

Thanks to all of you who entered! It's always so hard to not let everyone be a winner! I wish I had enough fabric to go around to all of you! I love you all for being such a great support to me, and for loving fabric like you do!


Monday, June 17, 2013

BLOG HOP 2013!

BLOG HOP Stop #11 ... Lila Tueller!

Hello friends! I am really glad you stopped by! Today I am hosting the Blog Hop for Riley Blake Designs! We are getting really excited for the Fabric Fest which is coming up in September in Las Vegas, Nevada! I am lucky enough to be invited to be one of the featured designers there, and I will be teaching three classes.
The first two are for the "Casual Clutches" pattern, and the third class will be the Everyday Wrap Skirt, which is a free downloadable PDF pattern featured here on my blog.

Here are some highlights:

The Casual Clutches pattern features three style designs, and includes two sizes to fit your i Pad, e-Reader or tablet. Or you can use it as I often do, with just my wallet, sunglasses, keys and phone when I'm dashing around town, or when I don't want to carry my large purse. There are also two inside pockets, and a magnetic closure.
This size is also PERFECT for the teenager in your life, who doesn't really want to carry a purse, but needs to! The shoulder strap is long and adjustable so it can be worn cross-body, keeping everything safe and secure.

The pattern is designed for either laminated cotton, or regular quilting weight or decor weight cotton fabrics. These are done in my "Fiona's Fancy" laminated coordinates.
Another great thing about this pattern is the hardware! This is the thing that makes it look professionally made and high-fashion. The hardware kits are included in the class supplies, along with the pattern and all the materials you will need to make the clutch.  Won't it be fun??

The Everyday Wrap Skirt:

This class will feature the techniques for making your own personal skirt pattern from paper and pencil and a tape measure! By the end of the class you will have made a skirt that fits your own body, to wear all summer long! It works up fast and easy, and even seasoned seamstresses will benefit from learning the formula for making skirts to fit all your female friends and family without needing to purchase a pattern! I'd love to see you there!

Now For the Giveaway!

I will be giving away this beautiful Metro Slouch Bag made from my "Priscilla" collection in laminated cotton!

This bag has lots of great features. There are multiple inside pockets, lots of interior space to keep all your necessities, an elasticized side pocket on the outside for your cell phone, a wide shoulder strap for comfort, and even a cute little jeweled tassel!

 Make a comment about why you love fabric and I will choose one winner at random within 48 hours! 

Additional prizes of Priscilla fabric pre-cuts will also be awarded! 

Don't forget to check out tomorrow's blog hop post: Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter


During the blog hop, these great sites will be blogging all about Fabric Fest and the wonderful classes they are teaching. They will also be giving away some great prizes, so you'll want to keep this list close by!
Trust us.
You CAN'T miss a single day! 

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Becky & Kari of U-Create
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